Sunday, November 16, 2014

Killed 150,000 chickens: Dangerous bird flu H5N8 in Holland – Reuters

The Hague After the emergence of potentially hazardous to personnel for avian influenza in a Dutch poultry operation 150,000 laying hens have been killed there. In addition, the authorities have on Sunday for the whole of the Netherlands, a 72-hour ban on all shipments of poultry and eggs and manure and second-hand stray from the poultry industry. During this time, apply to poultry anywhere in the country barn duty.

if it were the dangerous bird flu subtype H5N8, which had recently been discovered in Germany, shared with Vice Minister Sharon Dijksma. The avian pathogen can be transmitted from animals to humans.

In the Netherlands had been a poultry farm in Hekendorp far from Gouda (province of South Holland) affected. Within a radius of ten kilometers around the farm, the poultry-transport ban applies initially for 30 days.

The bird flu has repeatedly occurred in the Netherlands in recent years, mostly in a mild variant. In Germany she was discovered in a turkey operation in the Vorpommern-Greifswald last early November. There all 31,000 animals were killed. The virus subtype H5N8 was previously only found in Asia.


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