Monday, November 10, 2014

Technology Centre Twente: Dutch looking for economical alternatives … – business-on

 Earlier this started Dutch military aircraft, the future site of the old NATO Twente airport to a business center.

The site should therefore be developed into a commercial center with international appeal. The focus of the activity will be on development and production of new sustainable materials.

future music? Certainly. But the Twente region has quite a name in the manufacturing industry. And in the universities of the region is virtually worked around the clock on new technical developments.

This is also chairman Bernard Wientjes Commission. The former president of the employers ‘association VNO-NCW sees the chance that Twente future could again play a role in the world markets in this way: “The’ Technology Base Twente is the symbol of the innovative power of the manufacturing industry in Twente,” he says .

To achieve this goal, however, must be substantially invested in the infrastructure. As a shortcoming applies so far the poor accessibility of the region.

The road access to the west of the Netherlands must be improved. So Enschede must be reached by train in at most one and a half hours from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Currently, there are more than two hours.

The Commission plans to fit the guidelines of the Dutch economic policy, promote the advanced technology wants. The bar for companies who want to settle in Enschede will be set up as well. Applicants must meet minimum criteria. The site will eventually provide a creative environment for international top companies.

In vain is not to have. Economy and companies would have to take a lot of money in the hand. At the same time they could tap into but also the various EU funding programs

The proposals are -. Now to be formed a small, effective team that supports the policy in the implementation of the plans. It should also be had to the surrounding landscape into account.

And the existing runway? Which should be preserved for at least ten years after the Commission’s ideas. Eventually settled find functions for them that were not possible in other locations – for example, as a test track for drones

Euregio Airport or: The question of why

As the. city ​​of Enschede and the province of Overijssel still dreaming sweet dreams of the regional airport in Twente, the shareholders of the airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO) were suddenly awake and courted potential competitors. The idea was a commandment of need: German and Dutch but could expand the FMO together a Euregio Airport. Finally, ten percent of the passengers come from over there … At that time, the neighbors of the German side were of course the cold shoulder.

Now that the Twente-dream has burst, start the FMO partner try again. Because the idea is not so bad possibly. Even the old plans a 150 million euro expensive – and thus unfinanzierbaren – Train from Enschede to the Airport Parkway in Greven be dug out of the drawer again

early next year to the first meeting of the possibilities of cooperation. explore. Sure, the airport needs investors and a two-country Airport is also good for the battered reputation. Only: Why Enschede and the province of Overijssel should engage at FMO? Simple question, difficult answer. As long as the Münsterländer but can not find, they do not have to knock only at the neighbors.

(Martin Borck, WN, Elmar Ries)


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