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IRW-PRESS: Destiny Media Technologies Destiny Media Technologies Inc .: … – (press release)

IRW-PRESS: Destiny Media Technologies Destiny Media Inc .:
 Technologies reports progress on key patents in
 Connection with Clipstream® and Play MPE

Destiny Media Technologies Announces Progress on major
 Patents in connection with Clipstream® and Play MPE

Vancouver (British Columbia), November 3, 2014. Destiny Media
 Technologies (TSXV: DSY; OTCQX: DSNY) is pleased to report the
 Progress of two of his pending patent applications to
 report. On September 24, 2014 approved the European
 Patent Office, the patents under the European Patent Convention
 Administered (30 Member States), the European
 Patent application no. 07815972.0 of Destiny (now Pat.
 2082527) with the name Methods for Watermarking Media Data (Methods
 watermarking of media data). This European
 Patent confirms the priority date of October 2006. This
 European patent is now in the assessment phase, in
 which the European patent in the various European countries
 is evaluated. Include the claims of this European patent
 Destiny’s watermarking technology, the inaudible
 digital information in music and in the soundtrack of
 Integrated video content. This technology, in
 company’s own secure media distribution system Play MPE
 is used, it is unique in that they do not
 can be filtered out, without reducing the sound quality.
 She is also extremely robust and can withstand the compression and
 Conversion to other formats, including non-digital
 Formats. Corresponding patents Destiny
 Watermarking technology include, were in the USA
 . (US Patent No. 7,983,441, issued in June 2011; and US Pat.
 8300885, issued in October 2012) and in Japan (Japanese Patent
 No. 5103479, issued already issued in October 2012). One
 Request for renewal of the US and Canadian patent, the Destiny
 Watermarking technology includes is pending.
 Destiny are also known to be associated with one of its
 US patent applications on 14 October 2014, a decision of the United
 States Patent and Trademark Office has received. The decision
 attested to an allowable claim for the case of
 proprietary platform used Clipstream® safe
 Video-streaming technology without reproducing apparatus. The company
 intends to pursue this matter and the approval
 cause of their patent applications. The US patent application in
 Connection with Clipstream® is one of seven patent applications
 that Destinys video streaming technology include in the US. The
 provisional application was filed on Aug. 17, 2011. One
 corresponding patent application, the video streaming technology
 includes, filed in May 2012 and led to the application
 national patents in Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Japan
 Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, Singapore, South Africa and Hong
 Kong are pending. We recorded at the establishment
 our global IT portfolio great progress, said Steve
 Vestergaard, CEO of Destiny Media Technologies. In view of the
 Marketing of our video streaming technology is the Clipstream®
 Granting of these additional patents MPE’s position as Play
 Strengthen the industry standard for secure music distribution continues

About Destiny Media Technologies: -. Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
 provides the holders of content services that enable this,
 their audio and video content in a secure manner and digitized in
 To spread Internet. The two main products of the company
 are clip Stream and Play MPE. Stream Clip ( is
 a video format, on any modern smartphone, tablet
 TV or computer can be played. With clip Stream
 it is no longer necessary to configure a playback device
 or install. The videos never become obsolete, and by the
 reduced need for transcoding infrastructure and bandwidth
 up to 90 percent of the cost can be saved. Play MPE
 ( is a standardized method of safe
 and cost-effective distribution of pre-release music data to
 Radio stations and other professionals in the music industry prior to their
 public marketing. For more information, visit

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