Monday, November 10, 2014

New technology drives smartphones in 6 seconds high – Mobilegeeks

Now a technology has been developed in Taiwan, with the need smartphones only six seconds for boot up. They would thus be significantly faster to use and first company has apparently been able to earn for this new technique

Let’s be honest. How many times have you turned your smartphone or restarts? For me personally it takes place very rarely and with one is around that it takes quite a while until it is rebooted. Average it will take 40 seconds to one such smartphone is fully booted.

Lo Shi-Wu, assistant professor of computer science and information technology at the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan has now been determined how these loading can significantly optimize process and thus ensures that it only takes six seconds, until the smartphone can be used. And he has only need to optimize the code to make it more efficient:

When I Looked at the code in the operating system Relating to power-saving, I Realized there was a more efficient way to code it and started looking into it

As Lo Shi-Wu went on to explain, not only saves us time, but could also cause that we save electricity. Who needs to wait half a minute or longer, until the operating system is booted, will probably not turn off the device easily. However, if we know that it would be ready within 6 seconds, the smartphone users causes more inclined between the crate off a try.

patents for Taiwan and South Korea are from already in the bag and more companies the areas of software and chip fabrication have already taken the bait. To which companies they are doing, unfortunately, is not known. Next the professor explained that this new technology can also be used in other devices, such as infotainment systems in the car or in web-based TV-boxes



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