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It was one of the key scenes in the movie “Back to the Future Part II” .

The Fugitive Marty McFly on a skateboard rises and soars his pursuers. That was in 1989, and about as you was there envisioned in the future.

The skateboard is now greater than ever, just hovering forgotten. Until now. For two US engineers from California have realized the old dream. With their Hendo Hoverboard should be about three inches fly above the ground. Four engines on the bottom produce a magnetic field that can be lifted off the board – provided the ground is conductive, so for example, copper. Then the fast ride can begin. Although the battery lasts only seven minutes, but the range for an exhilarating trip: “We are creating a magnetic field, and by induction, we generate a second, same magnetic field in the conducting surface,” said the inventor, who developed the board with his wife , The money they collected on the Internet. Even before shipment of ten copies for each $ 10,000 were sold. But the two are about more than a few minutes limbo. You see other ways to use their technology – about to make earthquake-proof houses.

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