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Smart Home: A tour of the smart home – Business Week

by Kathrin Grannemann

“Smart Home” is all the rage – from remote-controlled outlets to coffee machines Apps to the wiring of the living space. However, the smart house is still a question of the purse.

The term Smart Home is a generic term for technical additions to the house. In addition to the electronic control of lights, blinds, heating or kitchen appliances include the networking of TV and HiFi system as well as the operation of safety systems.

At least the market researchers at IDC say the connected home a good development ahead: In the coming years, the turnover of the sector to 2020 increase from two to seven billion dollars.

According to Gartner, will be up to that 26 billion devices connected to the network – from the fridge to the traffic light. A virtual tour through the intelligent home of today – and tomorrow

Smart Home -. The Cunning home

  • A term that many scenarios

    Everyone is talking about it, but not all mean the same thing: Smart Home is a popular topic in the electronics industry. More and more companies bring their own solutions on the market. The consultants of Deloitte distinguish four categories

  • The own four walls in view

    Many solutions make it possible to control light and shutters automatically. There are also security features such as networked fire alarm and security cameras. The selection is already great

  • .

  • space for the data

    Also, storage systems for computers and smartphones include the “EN-US” “EN-US” Deloitte – Experts for Smart Home. In this mini servers users can store their data, but also movies and music from anywhere in the house on it . Get

  • Help for grandma

    Smart home systems can facilitate the care of older people, such as with a home emergency. Devices for remote diagnostics to assist in the care of the sick. In the field of nursing and health, there are already a number of applications.

  • Save energy and money

    lighting and heating from if one goes out: Intelligent systems can for more energy efficiency provide. Perspective could also be the dryer automatically start if electricity is cheap. Given the high complexity is the field of “Smart Energy ” But at the beginning, so Deloitte .

  • complete package or standard?

    Already there are providers that affluent customers Wunschlos Install -Glücklich solution – Deloitte “EN-US” defined as the luxury segment. But increasingly come packages on the market, which buyers can upgrade with smart features and relatively cheap.

Living room

Let’s start in the living area, where smart TV for years are part of normal inventory. Now there also the lighting is clever.

Philips has set for his lamp system Hue on the control with your smartphone. As a central distribution functions called Hue Bridge, which links all existing Hue lamps. The intelligence of the lamps is in the variable settings: You can get an timer on and off.

With the help of an app, the lamps can also be activated from outside. In addition, the lights are color-variable and can be adapted to the situation. Up to 50 lamps can be personalized with a base station network, enough for a whole house.

Which smart home technologies are German Internet users interested

  • The survey

    Fittkau & amp ; Maass Consulting Internet users in Germany asked for which of the following smart home technologies they are interested in.

    Source: Statista

  • Heating control
  • Open windows / blinds / close
  • lighting on / off
  • refrigerator contents automatically reorder
  • TV via Internet / Programming
  • Printer Cartridges reorder automatically
  • plants via Internet Remote Control pour
  • baby monitor Internet use
  • Pets Internet Remote Control feed
  • No interest

A new feature is the mobile switch Hue Tap that allows cordless and battery-switching of the lamps. However, the entry into the system is not cheap. The starter kit costs around 200 euros, individual lamps can be had for 60 €

In addition to light can be for some years by the heating App . control The Munich Startup tado sells digital thermostats that can help save on energy. In conjunction with geolocational from the smartphone tado system regulates the temperature according to the number of those present and turns down the heating as soon as you leave the house.

In addition, there is a time control and manual control to operate the heater without smartphone. Prerequisite for the system are heaters with thermostat, who heated with district heating, tado

can not use it. So, the market for smart is -Home technologies to develop by 2020

  • The survey

    2010 33 Manufacturer of smart home solutions were asked how they assess the development of their market segment by 2020. Multiple answers were possible

    Source:. Statista; Survey by trend: research

  • growth or increasing spread
  • More customers or stronger demand
  • Falling Returns
  • More suppliers
  • Spread Tere technology
  • New
  • New Services
  • New Technical status
  • Generation of a customer
  • Unknown


For fans of fresh coffee Saeco offers the right networked solution: A total of 18 different specialties, the Grand Barista Avanti prepare. In addition to the control directly on the machine is an app ready, with the aid of which can be adjusted amount of water, brewing temperature, grind and amount of coffee. So should every user can create his favorite coffee, the settings can be saved.

The charge for external control, however, comes at a price: A comparable machine without networking already costs 1200 euros, 1600 euros for this device requires – the intelligent home is currently still a question of the purse

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