Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Strong technology Quartet: Aixtron, Nordex, Sartorius and Wirecard in Real … – OnVista

With four technology shares the real-Depot is in the last weeks of the year. THE SHAREHOLDERS looks well positioned to continue to gain ground with the quartet. In a quick check, the main objectives are summarized


The stock price is after the recent price rally towards 12.00 euros last significantly fallen back , In the area of ​​massive support to 9.00 euros, the value but has stabilized. China remains the most important sales market for the supplier of the LED industry. The price pressure is enormous. But here the Nasdaq group could do well with the machines of the latest generation ground. The job situation will improve. THE SHAREHOLDERS speculated with a trading position on a new trend in supporting and double-digit prices.

The development of fundamental step in the right direction. The positive news flow in recent months is expected to continue in the future. Chart Technically, the Nasdaq stock is immediately before the next buy signal. Since the last wave down in the stock market, the stock has formed a wonderful trend. Both the 90-, and the 200-day line has been overcome. Now manages the sustainable jump over the 15 euro mark, the way would be paved to 17 euros. THE SHAREHOLDERS speculated with a trading position with lever on this scenario.


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