Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Erco invested 750,000 euros in LED technology – Meinerzhagen newspaper (press release)

Lüdenscheid – Erco relies on the location Lüdenscheid: The luminaire manufacturer is expanding its expertise in all areas of LED technology – from development to production and assembly – in the own halls further and invested in 750,000 euros, as the family tells.

From now on, a new manufacturing cell for the production of in house developed high-tech lenses used. “This investment allows Erco to optimize both the quality and the price-performance ratio in its lights on. IdAitem idZommImgParagraph from collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences South forms Erco for plastics engineers “

From now sets a Erco for the development and production of a highly complex production cell with an industrial robot of type KR 30 Arburg. For the coming year we plan to purchase additional manufacturing cells. “The new manufacturing cell for our high tech lenses helps to lead Erco in the future of digital lighting.” Said Erco CEO Marcus Schramm. “We continue to strengthen our leading position in the field of optoelectronics with a strong workforce and latest technology.”

The new manufacturing cell concatenates a number of manufacturing steps together: from injection molding to the laser cutting to storage in transport trays. The strength of the system lies in the precision with which the optical elements are manufactured – the current possibilities of plastic production are pushed to the limits. It can also be produced fully automatically around the clock, with reducing waste, transport and storage to a minimum. Thanks to declining production costs, improve competitiveness. The plant can be a variety of lenses and collimators finished – the current focus is on the production of the compact lens system for the ceiling light skim, efficient lighting solution for offices and shops

The. investment in the manufacturing cells meant for Erco a further expansion of capacities for the production of digital lighting tools. With the concomitant shift from mechanics to electronics accelerating the pace of development.

“Erco optimistic about the future of digital light and continues to focus on the location Lüdenscheid”, so the company .


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