Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Start-up Stuffle: Immobilien Scout buys Flea Market App – Business Week

by Oliver Voss

The Hamburger flagship start-up Stuffle has developed a kind of eBay for the smartphone generation. This is Immobilienscout worth millions.

On prominent supporters the flea market app Stuffle could count from the beginning. Heiko Hubertz, founder of the game company Bigpoint funded Stuffle in founding in 2012, it was the first project of its investment company Digital Pioneers. The well-known Internet expert Nico Lumma applied Stuffle offers a while excessively on Twitter and even the SPD invested over Tivola Ventures, the digital arm of their media holding company in the start-up.


Now Immobilien Scout has a taste for hamburgers. The company invested several millions in the start-up and thus taking slightly more than 50 percent in the company. Hubertz Digital Pioneers, who held last 14 percent of the company, give their shares to other investors to stay on board.

Hoping for synergies

Stuffle is a kind Ebay for the smartphone generation: Who wants to sell a property, it photographed with the phone, giving it a title, it describes in a maximum of 140 characters and calls the desired price. Then, negotiated, as at the flea market. So far, 800,000 people have downloaded the app Stuffle, use them, according to Hartmann 200,000 people, the app regularly. Goods worth a total of five million euros and has sold over Stuffle.

Recently there is also a web version, according to Hartmann, but this is not an admission that the limitation on mobile devices, the number of users to very limiting. Because that would coincide with covered various platforms. “That was easier than it was to build a version for Windos Phone,” says Hartmann.

The app Stuffle now also makes Android smartphones to the flea market. For the first time, the makers also reveal how they want to earn with the free service money.

The new donors to the Team to Stuffle-founder Morten Hartmann now help to earn more money with the offer of money. The app is free, and advertisements can be set free. Only those who want to have deals prominently displayed, pays between one and four euros. Stuffle also receives a commission when users pay via Paypal and DHL deliveries. “We take a monthly five-figure sum,” says Hartmann. With the help of Immobilien Scout it will in future be more: “Property Scout is one of the players, the monetization best hinbekommen,” says Hartmann.

“The Stuffle team has developed an app with insanely beautiful design,” says Christoph Monnet, Head of Business Development at Property Scout. Thus it creates Stuffle to address the mobile younger target group. Immobilien Scout Manager Monnet hopes future synergies with the existing business areas: “Why should it continue to not be able to offer even mileage over Stuffle, or find a new tenant” When and in what form it should give such extensions shall in detail discussed.


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