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Field Device Integration: agreement on future of FDI technology –

               Günter Herkommer

            On the sidelines of this year Namur session in Bad Neuenahr have the FDI Cooperation, the FieldComm Group and Profibus & amp;. Profinet International announced their joint strategy to supply the market with FDI technology and the development and maintenance of FDI ensure future

                 Achim Laubstein, Ted Masters, Hans Georg Kumpfm & # xFC; ller and Karsten Schneider on the NAMUR main session
                  Source: © FDI Cooperation
Achim Laubstein ABB (Managing FDI), Ted Masters (President & amp; CEO of FieldComm Group), Hans-Georg Kumpfmüller of Siemens (CEO of FDI) and Karsten Schneider (Chairman of Profibus and PROFINET International) on FDI Press Conference on November 5 in Bad Neuenahr.

The Field Device Integration (FDI) technology has to combine the goal of the two methods EDDL and FDT / DTM2 for integrating field devices in a solution. For this purpose, the five associations of industrial automation – FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, Profibus & amp; Profinet International [1] and OPC Foundation – their corresponding activities bundled in a joint venture with the label FDI Cooperation

On. Namur General Meeting 2015 was now for a release of the FDI specification to announce. Thus, a manufacturer of automation equipment in will be able to develop FDI-compliant products and host systems. Secondly, announced the organizations involved, that after the planned for mid-year resolution of FDI Cooperation FDI technology should be continued in the FieldComm Group. The latter has recently emerged from the fusion of the two fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus and HART Communication Foundation. In close cooperation with the Profibus User Organization (PNO) will be the new home of FDI technology future here

Both partners -. PNO and FieldComm – want to make in accordance with the agreement that the market well with FDI technology is supplied the tools and components for FDI for the protocols Foundation Fieldbus, HART, Profibus and Profinet. In addition, both organizations will continue to maintain its existing structure of technical support and conformity assessment worldwide to support its members in the implementation of the FDI-technology to maintain interoperability between different vendors. From the first quarter of 2015, the newly founded FieldComm Group takes orders for the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the Common Host Components contrary.


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