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NFC technology: the mobile phone as a small purse – Stuttgarter Zeitung

From Ricarda Stiller

many shops in Stuttgart you can already pay easily with your mobile phone – currently, however, only small amounts. You need to a particular service and then it is sufficient to hold the phone in the vicinity of the terminal.

To pay for h & # XE4; one lt the phone only briefly in the N & # XE4; height of the terminal Photo: andre. walther / vodafone

 To pay you hold the phone only briefly in the vicinity of the terminal Photo:. Andre walther / vodafone

Stuttgart – Mama, can you send me please on your mobile phone five euros? I’m in the city and so much want to go drinking with my friends for a coffee. Biiitte! “What is the one perhaps still sounds like a made-up scenario for the future, may be everyday for other already.

Technically and practically it is in fact possible <- - no content!>: A transfer from phone to phone works within a few seconds. But that’s not enough, the desired daughter of the coffee can also be paid directly from your mobile phone thanks to NFC technology. With Near Field Communication (DSRC feature) can be wirelessly – transfer data – over short distances of a few centimeters. Take for example a mobile phone with a Vodafone mobile phone contract. The phone should be NFC-enabled and have an NFC SIM card. Invites you still the appropriate app, called Vodafone Wallet, on his cell phone and is owned by the respective prepaid credit card, it can almost go. To ensure safety, you must still go through a one-time registration and authentication process. Then paying via mobile phone is actually nothing in the way.

There are several services

Even those who have no contract with Vodafone, can use this service. The stick has an NFC sticker on his cell phone, however. Or choose a different service. In telecom, the service is called My Wallet and E-Plus mobile or base Wallet. The technology used in payment services via mobile phone all the same. Even Apple, with its Apple-Pay in the USA already started. When this service is available in other countries are available, however, is not yet known.

Let’s stay so first in our example with the Vodafone-wallet, small wallet of the mobile operator, with the one already in the center of Stuttgart can pay easily in many shops. Makes you look first so on the way, one would expect questioning faces behind the sales counter. Not at all! Quick to get in front of him, as if you are only not even been on the cutting edge – so of course it seems to be in some stores, to pay their purchases with a mobile phone. Time keeping his smartphone from the top to the payment terminal, sometimes to the side. The device immediately recognizes the phone, shows the amount to be charged, ready. At the end you get more sales receipt and a proof of the mobile payment.

But what should it now be better than paying with cash? Basically, it’s about speed at the checkout, and in some stores – especially at gas stations with few staff – it’s certainly about having little cash available in the checkout. What initially appears as a nice gimmick, actually proves to be extremely fast in practice. The fishing out of the wallets from the depths of the pockets eliminated, as the separate search of the appropriate amount as possible. How often want to get rid of their loose change in line at an older lady! Sometimes it really takes a long time until one is your turn to pay, for example, finally got his pretzels at the bakery can.

With the phone you pay for faster

With the mobile phone is faster than in fact with the chip on the debit card. This is usually in your wallet, which must first be brought out. Then, the debit card will herausgefummelt from their subject. And so the necessary handles add to payment. The phone however you wear usually on hand in your jacket or pants pocket. Rarely seen one that long then must be sought. Finally, most want to quickly answer the phone when it rings.

Whether this is the reason why these mobile payment technology will prevail? Finally, there are also a few drawbacks – especially for traders. This must in fact pay fees for each transaction, while the mobile user often has to pay nothing at all, depending on the contract. The dealer paid by direct debit, depending on the height between 0.25 and 0.5 percent of the total amount and a fixed amount per transaction from 0.015 to 0.03 cents. Fees, which need not be paid, if paid in cash. The same service over the chip on debit cards is still a bit expensive for traders in general. However, such small amounts are previously paid in cash, so that a direct comparison of the fees is hardly possible.

And what about the security of NFC mobile payment technology? For amounts exceeding 25 euros, the customer must enter a PIN. Can be paid in any case, only so much as it will bear the balance of the related prepaid credit card. In the case of a mobile phone so the loss of available credit could be used up by strangers. Nevertheless, already seems clear: a service that is so easy and comfortable for the user to handle, even prevail. Even now it is possible to pay in Germany on more than 40,000 terminals and in Europe at well over one million terminals


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