Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nokia Tablet N1: Nokia’s new Flask – Business Week

by Thomas Kuhn

Nokia is using the Android Tablet N1 back in the hardware business – with a strategy somewhere between brash and disoriented maneuvers.

One can truly describe as a product has become provocation, what Sebastian Nystrom, head of the product division of Nokia Technologies, has presented at the Slush technology conference in Helsinki – and in two respects. For the remaining after the sale of the mobile phone division remainder of the Finnish Communications Group defines itself with its new tablet computer N1 equal to two IT giants to: Apple and Microsoft

<. p class = "MsoNormal"> First look Nokia’s new hip flask namely almost provocatively brazen look like Apple’s latest iPad 3 mini actually would have had to look: So how about the new 6-iPhones, but with 7.9-inch screen. Apart from the fact that the N1 5.0 (called Lollipop) drives an Intel processor, the new Android and fired Apple’s own iOS A7 chip in 8 Mini 3, the dimensions down to fractions of a millimeter are identical. The screen resolution is congruent with 2048 x 1536 pixels even on pixels

32 GB version for $ 249 -. IPad Mini 3 costs in the 16-GB version 389 Euro

The N1 is in the spring of 2015 – first in China, then in the United States and eventually probably in Europe – as a 32-gigabyte version for $ 249 (before tax ) come into the stores. Apple’s iPad 3 mini cost in the smallest, the 16-gigabyte version, 389 €

Secondly aims of the flat fin directly on the sore spot in Microsoft’s own tablet portfolio. For between the currently accepted only with the Nokia mobile phone division 6-inch phablet Lumia 1520 and Microsoft’s own 10-inch tablet Surface 2 gapes in handy 7-inch class a painful gap in Microsoft’s product portfolio.

Neither the first, nor the fastest, nor the cheapest Tablet

where the N1 is not half as expensive as the Lumia 1520 (in the fair, an LTE mobile module plugged in and not just a Wi-Fi chip) and a good 20 percent cheaper than the Surface 2, in which the tablet version of the Windows operating system, called “RT” tinkers.

But as smart and aggressive pricing, the N1 comes – the question remains, whom the Finns want to sell it. For neither is the newcomer the first nor the fastest, cheapest or otherwise unique tablet. Especially not in the Android world. And that Nokia operating system’s user interface Z Launcher inside out, making the novice not to solitaire. For the Launcher’s for free download (www.zlauncher.com) to other Android devices from HTC about over Motorola and Samsung to Sony.


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