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First VW Polo BlueMotion with TSI technology –

14th November 2014, 12:41 clock

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                        mid Wolfsburg – In the new Polo TSI BlueMotion VW first to combine the well-known brand of diesel models of fuel-saving technology with a gasoline engine. VW

At Volkswagen’s BlueMotion offensive efficiency for years everything’s alright. Economical engines are popular with customers and provide more environmentally conscious mobility. Now take the Wolfsburg in the development of fuel-efficient engines in a new track. For the first time Volkswagen has the fuel-saving technology in combination with a gasoline engine. The Euro 6 engine is in the new Polo TSI BlueMotion and reduces fuel consumption by an additional 0.2 liters to 4.1 liters per 100 km and emissions to 94 g / km CO2. With these values, the Polo presents thanks to the innovative new 1.0-liter three-cylinder as the best in its class. The starting price is 15,925 euros.

The recipe for success is, as so often from many good ingredients. When Polo TSI BlueMotion this means an efficient interaction between improvements in the four areas of development engine, transmission, body and chassis. In addition to the first use of the new engine good fuel consumption is achieved via a lowered body and improved aerodynamics to radiator grille and underbody. In addition, the Polo TSI BlueMotion gets rolling resistance tires and the gear longer translated in the upper gear levels.

For parsimony also provide the start-stop system, the recovery of braking energy (recuperation) and switching recommendations for the driver. VW has also improved the electromechanical power steering in Polo and offers assistance systems such as the standard multi collision brake, which automatically initiates a braking after a collision. Extra features include the drowsiness detection system, the environment monitoring system Front Assist with city emergency braking function and automatic distance control ACC.

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