Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trade – WTO: US agreed with China: Tariff Elimination for technology products – Sü

Beijing (dpa) – The United States and China, according to the American government on the expansion the international trade agreement for information technology (ITA) agreed on additional products. This was announced by the US Trade Representative Michael Forman with in Beijing.

With the “breakthrough” was the way for “the continued and rapid conclusion” of talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Now the first substantial reduction of tariffs at the WTO could be done in 17 years. The ITA for products such as computers, telecommunications equipment or semiconductor was adopted in 1997.

The US accused the Chinese before been to block the extension of the Agreement at the WTO. The world’s largest exporter of information technology have been called too many exceptions. The ITA provides extensive after US data from approximately 200 duties. This included also printer cartridges, navigation, speakers, video game devices or machines for magnetic resonance imaging. This is about exports of around one trillion dollars (800 billion euros).

After the agreement between the US and China, the running since 2012 talks could continue in December with 54 participating countries in Geneva, Forman said .

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