Sunday, November 2, 2014

Screening tests: The lucrative business with the fear of illness – Business Week

by Meike Lorenzen

60 € for an ultrasound, 20 for intraocular pressure measurement – after a certain age, there are increasing doctor’s appointments. But the expenditure worthwhile? Sense and nonsense fee checkups from 50.

The older we get people, the more we fear to be ill or in need of care. 76 percent of respondents over 50 years, confirmed that in the YouGov study, “The diversity of aging”. More often than younger patients therefore they do not go to the doctor, but they consult the physician for other reasons. Younger people have more mental, older more physical complaints, the survey confirmed.

The higher semester but worry more that behind their symptoms put a serious condition , Finally, the risk of cancer, and eye and cardiovascular diseases are aged. The health insurance to fit their performance catalog in the rule. Several screening tests are taken after a certain age. But not all. Just insured patients often have a lower performance catalog happy give and pay for the treatments themselves.

Where patients find information on IHS services

  • IGeL Monitor

    The portal provides individual health benefits to the test. It is operated by medical and healthcare professionals who assess in short technical articles IHS services.

  • Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care

    “11.046575342466″ The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG ) was founded in 2004 and operates the portal, which is to assist in decisions on health issues. Medical services are checked for their usefulness, quality and cost effectiveness and publish the results in the portal.

  • Consumer NRW

    The Consumer offers on its website information and advice in dealing with individual health services for the medical consultation and examples of services. Individual counseling can be perceived by e-mail, phone and in person.

This is the case with the so-called individual health services. The physician can bill them according to individual discretion. They put themselves determined the price and collect directly from the patient. “Many doctors expect from the individual health benefits an additional source of income,” says a spokeswoman for the statutory health insurance (SHI). At the same time falls – as private patients – the red tape with the cash away. The money goes directly between the patient and physician.

Accordingly, more and more doctors advertise with flyers, newsletters and Pappaufstellern in practice for the additional cancer screening, intraocular pressure measurements and Co. Partially patients will even send you a written invitation pointed at a certain age on the screening tests. And just the generation 50 plus has proven to be affluent clientele. In fact, the Germans have spent 1.3 billion euros for paid preventive examinations in 2012, according to a report by the Scientific Institute of the AOK.

treatments are often not necessary

where not everything is already useful, what is touted effective advertising. “Necessary are early under Look it were, by definition, not”, says Jürgen Windeler, director of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care in Cologne (IQWiG). They are necessary only when a concrete suspicion, says the doctor. In the early teaching, however, the measure in principle to healthy people who buy their examination either to the doctor or take an offer of health insurance claim.

It is not always easy, the boundary between hedgehog and cash to differentiate services. “For the doctors, the accounting of the cash may be less lucrative. Therefore, the question is always whether they join this jump. So change from prevention in the treatment, and inform patients properly, “said spokeswoman Ann Marini SHI.


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