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Who is behind Heftig.co, will surprise you – Business Week

Heftig.co lures with animal videos and heartache stories users of Twitter and Facebook. Lange was questionable who is behind the website – until now.

The website Heftig.co, the online world for months before a mystery – who is behind the portal, with the lurid headlines after the pattern “His mom has cancer. So he has done something that has touched me incredibly “has so far collect nearly 800,000 Facebook fans?

According to information from the business week and Meedia called the makers of Heftig.co Glöß Michael, 34, and Peter Schilling, 39 The web portal part of DS Ventures GmbH, based in Potsdam and is the now clear in his imprint. The company is wholly owned by the two shareholders. In order to support the exponential growth, the two founders want to professionalize their offer and hire employees. To this end, in Potsdam suitable office space are being sought. The founders are in talks with marketing partners for Heftig.co. To the press work, the Berlin PR agency cares semanticom. The Internet address www.heftig.co remains unchanged.

Michael Glöß comes from the place Werder Havel and has in Potsdam and Business Administration studied Digital Media in Brandenburg. He is the founder of Cojito.de, a scene-Life Night guide for Germany. In 2008 he developed with toksta an Instant Messenger service for social networking. His business partners Schilling was born in Brandenburg in Potsdam and studied business administration. In 2000, he founded the online store iCook for rare cooking ingredients and menu packages. Meanwhile, the portal will operate under the name of master chefs and lists about 50,000 members. Schilling also founded PriorMart, a service that can be with the commission online notarial deposits

recipe for success. Emotional headers

Glöß ‘and Schilling’s recipe for success is based on that Heftig.co through massive emotional headings radically aimed at the success of social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. “This man died and left his family an incredibly moving letter” is, for example, currently the headline over one of the Fierce posts, garnished with the sentimental photo of a man with a baby in her arms. In April alone, it brought the Fierce-makers, following an assessment of the Düsseldorf media expert Jens Schröder so on 2.356 million reactions in the social networks, as measured by the number of so-called Likes, tweets or shares that had triggered the posts on Heftig.co there.

It jumped over the side of newly formed, which is created along the lines of about U.S. offerings such as BuzzFeed, Upworthy or mainly Viral Nova and obviously eindeckt there also with content similar reactions to the sites of established media such as mirror Online or Bild.de. So the year started only six months ago Site together almost as much as the previous leader shared posts Spiegel Online and Bild.de.

From 0 to 100 in 90 cheaply produced contributions

more: Schroeder points out that Violently this number could trigger with just 90 posts, while their mirror and picture together, 2.6 million reactions with well- 6000 items reached which may have originated at a multiple of the likely costs than the Fierce-Schmonzetten. Heftig.co is not alone on a limb but only the currently most successful example of how websites with completely turned tabloid methods reader Fishing out on the net. Similarly, the move is about sites like Likemag or Storyfilter.com.

The amazing success of Heftig.co in the social networks has led in recent weeks to the fact that journalists such as Internet experts the backers of the page were searching – but without success. Thus directed the imprint on the Fierce page until recently only to a company called Spring surfers, which is located in the Caribbean nation of Belize. The Webkennung “co” on the other hand refers to an alleged origin from Colombia. And of the Fierce-makers themselves had been publicly until today no one to see.

The small hamburger media companies Ramp 106 felt by the mysterious side so challenged that it could even be advertised through its platform Online Marketing Rockstars a kind of bounty in the amount of 1,000 euros procure for those with information about the backgrounds of the Fierce-makers. What rock stars impressed, who noted that Violently nearly 85 percent of its traffic via social media channels generating, it was more than the flagship U.S. site BuzzFeed. In addition, was violently in the ranking of Facebook pages joined by German media in April with just under 360,000 fans on rank 72. Meanwhile, the number of Facebook fans is more than 735,000.

After WiWo and Meedia information want the Fierce-makers continue to increase the proportion of self-produced content and content from other portals present framework of cooperation.

Editor’s Note: Following the publication of the article Heftig.co has adapted its imprint. We have updated the passage in question.

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