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Alain Prost on the new formula 1 “Technology to poorly explained” – Auto Motor und Sport

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The four-time Monaco winner Alain Prost is the brand ambassador of Renault, but he sees the new formula 1 critical. The biggest problem is not the noise, but the inability of the formula 1 to explain their wonderful technology

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Alain Prost is one of the racers with brains. The 59-year-old Frenchman was not for nothing that the nickname “Professor”, won 51 Grand Prix and took four world titles. Today, France’s best racing drivers working as an ambassador of Renault and as a TV commentator. Prost is a close observer of motorsport. And he has his own opinion. The has never been colored by the language rules of his employer. Renault has willed this new engine formula. Nevertheless, Prost says: “The new Formula 1 is certainly not a complete success this they put up a lot of criticism..”

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noise discussion only as an excuse

The subtle background noise looks Prost still as the least important part of this review. “For me the noise is an excuse to hide other things that do not work.” Those who would? “Formula 1 has failed, the fans to explain the wonderful new technology and to tell them why they are there.”

That is the fault of all parties involved. Instead, the company’s product is denigrated. Very often wrong. “In February we all imagined what happens when fail all cars. Today we have again the reliability of the cars from last year. Since been made unnecessary wind.”

formula 1 reaches the younger generation not

Prost does not believe that the new engine formula is responsible for the decline of interest in the sport. “This development we have been experiencing for the past two years. Apparently, we do not reach the younger audience. And many of the old abandoned us because they mourn the golden past.” Therefore Prost holds the new formula E is a good indicator. “It’s an adventure. Neither of us can say whether it strikes. If so, then it will inspire a new audience. And this could then inspire indirectly via the formula E, for motor sports classic style.”

For the majority of the audience has become too complicated to Formula 1. Cheers stakeholders warns to close of their own impressions on others. “If I had a Grand Prix look at me that is not the same as if a normal fan watching. Or one who sees for the first time. I draw the experience of my own career. I know the sport and can access data and radiograms , much more than the TV viewers.’s why for me are interesting races that look boring for others because they do not have this extra information. “

Too many artificial elements

Prost denounces the many artificial elements that will make the sport exciting. For example, the rule that a driver must change tires to be driven at least once with each of the two mixtures. “Why Pirelli does not offer three different mixtures of?, The driver must set off on the set of tires on which they qualified. Then it is up to him whether on the set he is in a race to the end or in between changes. That makes a lot more strategy options and the driver is more involved in strategy with Let’s be honest. tactic is predetermined, the driver gets before the start told how his race will look like This is not good for the sport, “

<... p> Finally Prost comes to the weak start to the season his partner Renault to speak. “We were just too late. Recent years have shown how success is created. Red Bull had a plan, making it four times become world champion. Mercedes had a plan, and moves at the moment off the front. Renault needs a plan for 2015 . “

This does not mean that Renault is set development on the current engine in order to fully concentrate on the upcoming season. “We have to improve continuously. Nobody can say where Renault today is compared to Mercedes. Renault has made a big leap in GP Spain. Mercedes is still ahead, but many have overlooked that where the jump came from the car. “

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