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Gartner identifies RELEX as ‘Cool Vendor’ in the in-memory computing … – Finanzen.net

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Helsinki (ots / PRNewswire) –

Gartner, the global market research and consulting company, RELEX leads for its use of in-memory computing technology as one of four companies to its “Cool Vendors” list (“Hip Provider”). RELEX is the only one mentioned in the report company that operates in the field of supply chain planning

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Gartner report ‘Cool Vendors in In-Memory Computing Technologies, 2014 ‘(11 April 2014) states: “The In-Memory Computing (IMC) technology turns out to be more and more a key factor in digital business processes; it enables agility, web-scale processing and quick decision-making skills that are needed to meet the business challenges of the digital age. “<-! sh_cad_2 ->

The In-Memory Computing leaving all data within the working memory of the computer (RAM) and also performs all arithmetic operations there. This must not be between RAM and hard drive back and forth the data. This technique allows processing much larger amounts of data at much higher speeds and advances . then the real-time analysis of huge data streams within reach

RELEX makes use of the possibilities of in-memory computing through its proprietary technology: It contains among other things, a database that was designed specifically for supply chain applications and performance may increase when compared to conventional alternatives to a hundred times This is of crucial importance for the processing of complex arithmetic operations with thousands of product lines and hundreds of stores and warehouses as well as the millions of variables that arise from it. <-.! sh_cad_4 ->

“We are very happy that we have been selected by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor 2014′ for in-memory computing,” said Mikko Kärkkäinen, Managing Director of External Relations. “In-memory technology is a crucial part of our system and underpins everything we do.” <-! Sh_cad_5 ->

“The ability to achieve immediate results from the transfer of huge amounts of data allows rapid implementation, since any change that is carried out, provide instant results. Simultaneously it easier for our customers making changes after the implementation. these changes can easily through the user interface be performed because the customers can immediately identify whether these . has achieved the desired result In addition, they can virtually execute any amendment without our help, “says Kärkkäinen on. <-! sh_cad_6 ->

Gartner report recommends that buyers,” the risk of a takeover IMC technology of small suppliers to reduce by using its products on projects that can pay for themselves in three to four years. “<-! sh_cad_7 ->

Kärkkäinen assumes that firms with what has RELEX has to offer, will be satisfied. “With the RELEX payback periods are typically three to four months and not several years, as is often the case otherwise contrary, I have the majority of our potential customers probably do not say!.” <-! Sh_cad_8 ->

The vendors, products and services described in Gartner research publications are not supported by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any technology users to select only those vendors who have received the best reviews. Gartner research publications represent the views of Gartner’s research area and should not be construed as objective facts. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research results from, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. <-! Sh_cad_9 ->


RELEX is Europe’s fastest growing provider of supply chain solutions for retailers, distributors and manufacturers in Europe. <-! sh_cad_10 ->

RELEX customers in 13 European countries, are due to groundbreaking demand forecast , inventory optimization and actionable analytics become more efficient and profitable. <-! sh_cad_11 ->

customers were a decrease of spoilage by 40%, a reduction of inventory at typically 30% and an increase of the availability of goods to reported 98% and more, which earned them save millions of dollars (in GBP) and improvements in sales, revenue and customer satisfaction. <-! sh_cad_12 ->

RELEXs solution is based on a column-based database in Memory calculations and thus enables the power increases by more than a hundred times, and makes it possible to obtain immediate results in large data streams. Our breakthrough technology sets the implementations to quickly, gives our customers an almost complete independence in the setting and re-configuration of our systems and leads to quick results. . Gartner named RELEX as ‘Cool Vendor in In-Memory Computing Technologies, 2014′ <- sh_cad_13 ->

RELEX was founded in 2005 by a group of leading Logistikwissenschafler Helsinki University of Technology and creates rapidly a status as the first choice of retailers and manufacturers in Northern Europe. RELEX made it to Deloitte’s prestigious “Fast 500 (EMEA)” list of the fastest growing technology companies over a period of three years in a row. With offices in London, Stockholm, Wiesbaden as well as its headquarters in Helsinki, the company employs more than 75 employees

More Information. <- - Sh_cad_14!>: Http://www.relexsolutions.co. uk

For more information, please contact Marika Pirhonen Marketing Director Phone: +358-50-433-1003 Email: marika.pirhonen @ relex.fi <-! sh_cad_15 ->

OTS: RELEX newsroom: http://www.presseportal.de/pm/105369 newsroom via RSS: http://www.presseportal.de/rss/pm_105369.rss2

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