Monday, May 19, 2014

Future-oriented technology in high Chaco – The weekly paper from Paraguay


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Joel Estigarribia:! Current distribution in the country, especially in the north is difficult due to the large expansions and few users. In order to keep not separated from the rest of the group a military base of the Technology Park of Itaipu begins with a progressive project, which with wind and solar power is generated.

The base Joel Estigarribia is located 780 km from Asunción in Chaco . End of this year, a project will be there ready to start that model for many other points of the country should be. The currently installed equipment consists of two wind turbines to save 170 and 270 solar panel batteries and regulators around the energy gained and use it on demand. This array of autonomy sufficient for an independent power supply of five days.

This allows essential activities of personnel are permanently performed and refrigerators remain in operation, communication is possible 24 hours a day and in emergencies (also outside the base) can help quickly be called. The new and unique system in the country will cost 420,000 U.S. dollars and will be amortized over a period of 4 years, as no diesel-powered generators are no longer necessary, which ran 120 minutes a day otherwise. A study brought out that a direct connection of the energy for new routes, which is 130 km away would cost 13 million dollars, making 420,000 U.S. dollars are extremely favorable.

The military base is also several prototypes of a wheel drive vehicle be placed on electric basis.

(weekly / La Nacion)

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