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(MyNewsdesk) Bonn (news4today) – Cyber ​​crime is a digitally networked economy facing challenges. In view of ever new cases of data theft and cyber attacks, especially innovative IT security technologies are in demand along with new solutions on insurance coverage. Industry experts in the highly competitive market opportunities for German IT companies.

High safety standards could the German IT industry an additional competitive advantage in times of increasing cyber crime. The Fraunhofer Institute looks at Germany’s data protection rules in a leading role, as the institute said in a press release on the occasion of this year’s Cebit. In addition, enjoy IT security solutions “Made in Germany” is highly regarded. And in emerging markets such as Russia, China, India and Brazil is the global market for IT security in the future anyway increasingly competitive. Since security technologies can play an important role in the future “Made in Germany” quite.

The importance of IT security in parallel with improvements in insurance coverage you also emphasizes in the insurance industry. Companies with large volumes of data, such as financial and technology services provider, should consistently take a two-pronged strategy: The first column is based on the identification and closure of internal corporate IT security gaps, the second, equal column is based on the hedging of a claim by one that specializes in insurance concept, such as Zurich cyber & . Data Protection, “said Ralph Brand, CEO of the Zurich Group in Germany with the insurance coverage of Zurich Cyber ​​& Data Protection may be borne with the changing risk awareness regarding data breaches and cybercrime; Looking at the digital development Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared.: “In the IT sector is for virtually all European Member States have a big chance to develop with modern workplaces.” German IT companies could According to experts, with high technology standards up front to join in the fight against cybercrime.

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