Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fuifa World Cup 2014 – ElektronikPraxis

On 12 June kickoff of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Even if it’s all about the ball without technology – much of it from Germany – comes the World Cup not

The countdown is on: Only two weeks, then falls in Brazil, the launch of the FIFA. World Cup 2014. Is the ball in the goal or not enough light for an ultra-high-definition transfer and drops the game due to cloudburst in the water or not? These and many other issues related to the World Cup can now be answered with technology and especially electronics. Whether the German National Team to the title goes home at the end is completely open – but it is certain that the following 11 technologies will be the World Cup leave its mark

1. Impetus by exoskeleton

The Football World Cup is already starting with a technological hit. For the first ball of the tournament is expected to come on June 12, a paraplegic – using a mind-controlled exoskeleton from the 3-D printer. Developed the robotic walker by an international research consortium called Walk Again Project at the Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis and the engineer Gordon Cheng of the TU Munich. In the exoskeleton brain signals are detected by a sensor cap and used a computer to control the hydraulic walking apparatus. In addition, the robot has a plurality of sensors for detecting the surroundings. Alt = “robot suit helping 1-0 for technology!


20:05:14 – being able to walk again, remains for paraplegics usually an unfulfilled dream. The robot suit HAL can at least help to increase mobility and activity concerned. read more …

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