Tuesday, May 20, 2014

U.S. INDICES – technology is in demand today – GodmodeTrader.de Financial

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average – WKN: 969 420 – ISIN: US2605661048 – Price: 16499.23 points (NYSE)
  • Nasdaq Composite Index – WKN: 969 427 – ISIN: XC0009694271 – Price: 4120.14 points (NASDAQ)

right dynamically beat the U.S. indexes their way right after the start of trading one. At least as far as the technology stocks, because the Dow Jones is currently at odds in the brand of 16,500 points. Thus, it surprised even little that the sectors winners come from the technology side. Above all, the biotechnology and computer values. Weak yet clearly the utility stocks.

The Dow Jones does not seem so far to solve the level at 16,500 points. Another splash then this can not be excluded. Only a fresh daily high over 16 526 points could again provide for price increases to 16,600 points beyond. The short-term upward trend since the end of April gives the index in any case a constructive image. Concerns diesbzgl. were only dissuaded at prices below 16,400 points.

The Nasdaq Composite shot to start straight up and now finds the index yet again during or better yet before the resistance range to 4,130 points his respect. Potential consolidation should now not again lead back under 4,100 points. Then appears above 4,130 points, the air free to 4.150/60 points. Under 4,100 points, however, one would have to get back to pullback to at least 4,070 points set.

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Current 60-min charts (1 candle = 60 minutes) + Sector Overview


Dow Jones

Nasdaq Composite



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