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Info Bionic is a finalist for the TiE50 Award 2014 for the best technology … – PR Newswire (press release)

Lowell, Massachusetts (ots / PRNewswire) – Info Bionic (TM), an emerging leader in the digital health with an emphasis on the quality of patient monitoring solutions for managing chronic diseases, announced that it of TiE Silicon Valley [https://sv.tie . org /] at its annual conference TiEcon [], the last week in Santa Clara, California, took place, has been named a finalist in the TiE50 Award 2014 for the best technology start-ups. TiE honors Technology start-ups, which are characterized by innovative products and clever business tactics.

Info Bionic was selected from over 2,800 startups from 27 countries as a finalist for the TiE50 Award. Participant companies were evaluated in terms of the goodness of their business model, intellectual property value of the technology and the management team.

“It is an honor and a privilege for info Bionic to have been elected as one of the finalists for the prestigious TiE50 Award,” said Dr. Ravi Kuppuraj, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Bionic info. “This again confirms the contribution of info Bionic for the health surveillance market.” We look forward to take advantage of this momentum in the commercialization of our first product, the mome system for the monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias, later this year. “

The Mome system, a cloud-based system for monitoring patients with heart rhythm disorders from a distance, has received CE mark in Europe; admission 510 (k) by the U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is used for a expected later this year.

Dr. Kuppuraj on Friday, May 30, on the East TiEcon [] in Cambridge, MA as part of the Connected Health [] podium to speak.

information about the award de.newsaktuell.mb.nitf. xml.Br @ 6b234b66 TiE50 is the most important annual awards program by TiE Silicon Valley, to the always thousands of technology start-ups from around the world participate with keen interest. The awards are announced each year in May at the TiEcon, the world’s largest business conference. The TiE50 award program includes standard multiple regression method, combined with a thorough evaluation, selection and evaluation process.

information mome system de.newsaktuell.mb.nitf.xml.Br @ 5a2b4c7d The Mome (TM) system is the first cloud-based platform for patient monitoring from a distance, the patient data in real time, unprecedented analysis by means of multi-pass analysis and seamless conversion between the monitoring modes Holter, event and mobile cardiovascular telemetry (MCT) offers. The system is set to revolutionize the amount ranging from 3 billion U.S. dollar global market for cardiac monitoring with its excellent detection of arrhythmias and for diagnostic purposes can be called patient data.

information to info @ Bionic Inc. de.newsaktuell.mb.nitf.xml.Br 50aad0ca Info Bionic (TM) is an emerging leader in the digital health, wants to make patient monitoring data anytime, anywhere access, with improved event detection and clinical efficiency in the context of a cost-effective business model. The Mome (TM) system info Bionic provides a powerful platform for patient monitoring from a distance of chronic diseases, with the market focus will initially be on cardiac arrhythmias.

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