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Odors from: When the SMS after coffee smells – Handelsblatt

Who sent from the breakfast table from

Paris future a Selfie that can his family or his friends might also still the same with a coffee-scented delight. With an SMS are expected soon to be sent and received smells – about the OPhone, which will come on the market in early 2015. “It’s actually about changing the global communications today,” advertises the father of the project, the Harvard professor David Edwards, for its technology.

In Paris, where the French-American inventor working together in an office, among others, with perfume designers, coffee producers and artists, the public can test the innovation soon. As of June 19 opens “The Laboratory” opened its doors for a demonstration of the device

It works like this:. In small, cylindrical, white containers on a kind of base station aroma signals are received and generated, like a telephone audio information transfers. In accepting the message from the recipient’s machine fragrance clouds are output from capsules, the so-called oChips. From the present 32 original flavors, including coffee, the user can create individual scents. It can be combined with up to eight fragrances.

As immeasurably many fragrances are present in everyday life, a narrow selection was necessary for the initial experiments for the OPhone. “We have targeted two areas, coffee and more broadly in the food industry,” said Edwards, who firm Vapor Communications founded on the idea that was developed by students in one of his Harvard courses.

From 17 June to the first iPhone users can test the fragrance innovation via the free app OSNAP. According to Edwards So could a walker to take a photo in the forest, he adds one or more fragrances that fit the mood of nature. He would then send oNote, ie a fragrance SMS to a friend, the first instance to take look at the compilation to a particular web site. Later, he would then load them using the OPhone, so that they can also smell.

Edwards is betting that fall through a wide demand, prices for the OPhone quickly and the device can also be made smaller soon. His idea is that then makes in a second phase, the user photo “from the software derives the fragrance” and “the base scents, whose number is increased, be adapted to other subject areas.” . A system that automatically analyzes an actually existing fragrance and then implement it virtually identical, but is “currently too complicated,” he admits

The field of application for fragrance messages seems virtually unlimited – whether through simple SMS among friends or by companies about advertising. “For months we are holding talks with representatives of the food, cinemas, perfumes, travel and cars,” says inventor Edwards, who made his fortune with a technology for medical sprays years ago.

As a proof for the interest in his scent communication – yet something similar was in a more rudimentary form only by a company from Japan offered – leads Harvard professor one of his investors to: the founder of Spark Capital, a specialized investment fund, which in recent years has already contributed to the success of Twitter or Tumblr. The restless inventor Edwards is also convinced that the scent messages could be a technological innovation of the dimension of the 3-D printing.

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