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Photography with 4K: These are the advantages of the new Ultra HD technology –

For years, our eyes have become accustomed to a comfortable hardware feature: pictures in high definition. While we still enjoy Full HD, the industry, however, has long been a step further and presents us a technology that goes far beyond the quality of the usual resolutions addition: Ultra High Definition.

Ultra High Definition (UHD), often also called 4K called just that what the name suggests: an ultra-high resolution. A UHD-capable monitor offers a whopping 3,840 x 2,160 pixels , while monitors with Full HD or HD with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels or 1,280 x 720 pixels so far could represent only a fraction of that. If the new technology turns into one’s own living room or on the desktop, can the full HD successor so expect a 4-fold better picture

Whether we are sitting far away or close to it. – UHD with its 8 million pixels as sharp and his diagonal contours so delicate that image editing, video editing and photography suddenly become a whole new experience

UHD monitor for entry-level price.: Samsung U28D590 LED for 659 Euros MSRP

Ultra HD is currently generally still quite expensive: Who wants to buy a UHD monitor must often expect to pay in the thousands. The currently best way to get yourself in the pleasures of UHD brilliance and at the same time to save some money, is the first UHD monitor from Samsung; the U28D590 LED.

The for about 659 euros RRP available , has a 28-inch display (71.1 cm diagonal) and has a display port and 2 HDMI inputs. In addition to the minimalist look of the housing and the high-quality metallic finish of the monitor from Samsung holds some very exciting features for photographers ready

photography meets Ultra-HD -. These are the benefits

The high density of 8 million pixels is an immense workload for photographers. View digital photos in Ultra-HD not only look good, they can be edited in post-production and pixel by pixel – so a very high quality end product can be created

If you spend many hours a day in front of his monitor. , the monitor should especially benefit from the UHD Upscale function . Through noise reduction and increase in resolution allows the feature, and low-resolution images in the best possible quality on the Samsung LED U28D590 reproduce. The function allows you to fine detail and rich color image – and easy on the eyes

In addition to the high and brilliant resolution allows photographers and especially video cutter also has the fast response time of the monitor of only <. strong> a millisecond are. Eventual flicker and distortion in the raw material are so much easier to see

Also budding photographers come with the Samsung LED U28D590 at their expense. Mode “Picture in Picture” allows in the image, a second image source, such as the desktop of the notebook display. Similarly, does the mode “ Picture by Picture” , where both image sources without the slightest loss of quality are displayed side by side.

Gallery samsung-ud590

These modes are particularly suitable to open a photo editing application and a corresponding image processing tutorial and simultaneously visible. This allows for effective and time-saving work, two important resources photographer everyday.

Specifications Samsung U28D590 LED Monitor

resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Screen Size 71.12 cm wide (28 inches)
backlight technology LED
reaction time 1 ms (G / G)
frequency – Horizontal 30-134 kHz (DisplayPort) 30 – 90kHz (HDMI)
frequency – Vertical 56-75 Hz (DisplayPort) 24-75 Hz (HDMI)
Number of colors 1 billion
HDMI connections 2
display port 1
compatibility Windows, Mac
Dimensions (with stand) 619 , 5 x 465 x 169.2 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 4.96 kg

on which there is more information, technical data and product images.

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