Monday, May 19, 2014

exclusive leading electric car manufacturers: Germany is the e-car sales … – Business Week

Germany is lowest on the driving of electric cars, but leaders in the production world. This emerges from the exclusive Evi Index Business Week.

So were sold nationwide only 2800 electric cars in the fourth quarter, according to the latest survey of the electric car index Evi by McKinsey and Business Week. This places Germany – along with China – in last place of the major car producing countries of the world. In France, the manufacturers were almost twice as many electric cars as in the United States ten times as many.

Overall arrived since 2009 according to McKinsey more than 400,000 electric cars on the streets, but only five percent of them in Germany. Nevertheless, Germany is located together with the U.S. in Evi comprehensive income ranked one of the leading electric car-nations because of Evi-index in addition to the demand for electric cars in their own country into account also their production. In this area, Germany is in the fast lane: In five years in this country, according to Evi expected 440,000 electric cars per year roll off the production line. Only Japan can keep up with projected 450,000 cars per year, the U.S. is in the extrapolation at 360,000, China is 290,000 vehicles.

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