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topmodellfabrik GbR: “We work with the technology that the 21 … – Swabian newspaper

Emmingen sz “We wanted to do our own thing – because what’s more exciting and more instructive than that, “says Michael Kohlbecher. The founder was and is especially enthusiastic about the 3D printing technology. And he had wondered why, although many companies had a need for this technology, but still no production partner. Therefore, the student has founded in 2010 his company “Topmodellfabrik GbR ‘, initially as a sideline. Since 2013 he runs the company in the main acquisition.

“We want to be a reliable partner in the production of prototypes and small series for the strong, local economy.” So carbon cup is vision. The 24-year-old Tuttlingen is currently completing his Bachelor of Science degree “Industrial Manufacturing” from the Furtwangen University. In addition to the CEO position in his company Topmodellfabrik he is still studying part-time distance learning at the Technical University of Chemnitz. In the fall of 2015 he wants to make his Master of Business Administration.

His company Kohlbecher founded with Felix Bechler and Samuel Schulz. The current business situation is very good after carbon cup words. “We are getting many new inquiries, feel the great interest of individuals and companies to the new 3D printing process,” he says. Currently, the company has a full-time and two part-time jobs in the coming year, two full-time, two part-time and have an internship.

The future prospects of his company sees Kohlbecher very positive. For many companies would not take advantage of the possibilities of 3D printing process – and thus wasting valuable resources. These come the extremely broad portfolio of his company. This was the company are able to fulfill all the theoretically achievable requirements. In the future Kohlbecher plans to expand its portfolio further. And he wants to increasingly act as a sponsor of universities and schools in order to make the 3D printing process even more popular.

just why he should be given the Founder’s Award? “We are working with the technology that will change the 21st century,” says Kohlbecher. As the first service for prototypes and small series of Tuttlingen area he was trying to make the entire region even more powerful. And last but not least, he said: “We are a young and dynamic team that just feels very closely linked to this region.”

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