Friday, May 30, 2014

PrimaveraPro 2014: Technology makes it possible – music market

Barcelona – In the panel “festivals, live music and technology – where do we go from here” – Presented by “music market” – some nice gadgets were presented that could significantly shape the live experience.

Augmented Reality

With Luis Villarejo of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya an expert on Augmented Reality sat in Panel. He gave some examples of the creative use of this technology that makes it possible to integrate digital content on the smartphone or tablet screen into reality. Who is watching, for example, by his cell phone camera a festival stage, could be supplied, among others, information about the band. Operators could also sprinkle on the entire festival grounds a path from digital breadcrumbs. Visitors will be notified as soon as they come at such a point, the phone can whip out and get the information stored directly on the screen

Greencopper. Technologies for festivals

Cécile Martin presented Greencopper, a company with festivals technologies for their apps, websites and Facebook pages supplied. Greencopper builds for each individual festival apps that can raise the visitors experience to a new level, among other things, coupled with Apple’s technology for Bluetooth-based Navigation: iBeacon. Through the strategic placement of iBeacons on the festival grounds, let example, it is possible to create so-called heat maps of visitors: Before what concert keep up to date on most of the people where it makes no sense to ask yourself where you have peace and quiet? Also for promoters and Booker provide this data valuable insights: Which band grew particularly many fans? On showcase festival so keep an overview over the most promising newcomers

Twins to the available technologies would be together, among others, the following scenario possible:. A festival-goers, who has never heard of Kendrick Lamar, see that many of his friends just attend the concert, so he makes his way there. He takes a photo of the gig and gets directly to the screen the info that an artist with a similar style in two hours occurs on one of the other festival stages. This information he can share with his friends, arrange a meeting place and then move on with them. Should the artists play in the future in the area, all are notified automatically by the app.

data questions

To get the full benefit of the Services that users of such apps must of course agree with the use of their data. Ever since the NSA scandal are users that matter most skeptical. With the data it behaves as with most technologies: It always depends on the purpose for which they are used. That was the response of the panel members on a critical issue in terms of data protection from the audience. The Apps of Greencopper also always the possibility of the use of his data do not agree. Who Will use’m so Cécile Martin, but I’m not enjoying the full potential of such festival apps. The heatmap example, can also signal to which there toilets on the premises currently the least rush

Donal Scannell presents:. Gigstarter

also sat on the panel Donal added Scannell, founder and CEO of Gigstarter, a program that artists in this position to plan trips together with their fans, including David Gray makes of Gigstarter already used. An artist brings about his social media channels in experience, in what parts of the world, there is demand for gigs. Fans say to purchasing a ticket, will pay only when the gig takes place. Thus tours can be planned, in which the artist never runs the risk to occur in empty venues – what course management, bookers and promoters are interested

music business = tech business

Everyone in the panel stressed that the most mature technology without the artists’ work was worth nothing. Technology could, according to Cécile Martin help to create a live experience even more entertaining. However, technology is merely a “possible makers”. Donal Scannell stressed that technology shifting the balance of power within the music industry for the benefit of the artist. Through technological advancement traditional structures would be superfluous, all processes – not only in the music area – would democratized through technology


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