Thursday, May 1, 2014

Social network: Facebook gives users more control – Reuters

Facebook users will get more control over their data. Source: Reuters

San Francisco Facebook gives its users more control over what information they share with apps on the platform of the world’s biggest online network. This was announced by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday on the f8 developer conference in San Francisco. There are, among others, the new function “Anonymous Login” in which you can try an app without having to open up access to their own Facebook data to their developers.

The almost 1.3 billion users of the network should be able to continue to engage anonymously via Facebook in Apps, over which they listen to music, for example, play games or read news. So far, the operator of the apps can access data of Facebook users when they choose to access the social Netzerwerk. Facebook itself but has continued access to the user data. The goal is to move the users to try out new apps, the company said.

In addition, users are first able to pick and choose exactly what information they want to share with app developers. So far, the agreement had to be issued for the package. Finally, the possibility of automated access to data is abolished by friends of a logged on user for apps. The user will have to agree individually to the use of their information in the future.

“We have heard in recent years, again and again, that people want to have more control over how they share their data,” Zuckerberg said. The current uncertainty leads to a reluctance of users in apps on the Facebook platform and is ultimately bad for the developers.

Facebook wanted in mobile devices a be kind of mediator between the worlds of different providers, said Zuckerberg. Apple, Google and Microsoft have their own platforms. “Our goal with Facebook is to build a bridge between these platforms,” ​​Zuckerberg said. Facebook has to do with its approximately 1.3 billion users worldwide a solid basis for such a mediator.

software developers life easier, Zuckerberg promised a “guarantee of stability” for two years, in which the tools and interfaces are to remain compatible. Vulnerabilities in Facebook software should be ironed out within 48 hours

The previous slogan “move fast and break things”. (Something like: “you move quickly and do things broken”) have not proved successful, Zuckerberg admitted . Facebook have too much time wasted on it to patch the resulting vulnerabilities. “Now we are focused on building a stable platform.”

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