Sunday, May 25, 2014

German Webvideopreis: An industry celebrates itself – Business Week

When Webvideopreis arrived yesterday together the elite of the Internet video scene. Were celebrated the best videos of 2013 and their protagonists.

Gronkh, cold mirror, KWiNK, LeFloid: These are just four of the names that dominated the Webvideowelt last year. The Düsseldorf Capitol was well filled for the award ceremony, more than 1,000 guests attended on site and several thousand spectators in the livestream the event, where the winners of the 13 categories were announced. Moderated the show from the TV stars Joko and Klaas winter Scheidt Heufer circulation. The scene celebrates itself – about the financial aspect but is mostly silent

Over the years YouTube has grown into its own industry.. Big corporations are getting hit part of the cake and use the platform as an advertising opportunity. Since 2008, YouTube offers an affiliate program for German users, specific figures for revenue but there are not as advertising partners are committed to the terms of service to remain silent about their income. One thing is clear: The chances of getting good revenue increase with the number of subscribers and traffic.

networks provide higher range

If you have a YouTube maker clear goals in mind and would like to make big money with its contents, which needs help – a popular way is to join a network. One of the most successful German Media Networks is force, which was established specifically for marketing YouTube channels.

Mediakraft spokesman Moritz Meyer estimates that a YouTuber requires around 100,000 subscribers, so that work is financially worthwhile, advertising on YouTube is the only source of income. Who tries to achieve this goal alone, can thus be employed for several years – membership in a network can help to more quickly reach a large viewing audience. For the relations: With more than 500 channels, the media power network

Established media company reaches around twelve million viewers hardly represented

One of the biggest channels in the network. is that of the comedy trio Y-titty. With amateur recordings, the project has long been nothing more to do: As entertainment brand they crop up on television and have thanks to more than two million subscribers with a greater reach than some TV show. It is significant that the established media production company on YouTube hardly appear. Only IDG Germany can claim an extra loud were the traffic of the channel in September 2013 with 3.28 million unique visitors.

Despite all the professionalism and potential revenue opportunities remains a YouTube habitat for strong personalities who, after which them the head is – a property that was placed in the cradle most of the nominees for the Webvideopreises


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