Friday, May 30, 2014

Skype Translator: A beautiful piece of technology is upon us – Basic Thinking (blog)

only rudimentary useful

Grammatically and semantically correct translations promises the head of Microsoft Research, Peter Lee, in a commercial for Skype Translator. And indeed, in staged for the spot conversation between a German and an American translation works flawlessly. But appearances are deceiving.

Because on the “Code Conference” by the U.S. tech blog “Re / code” wanted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella report with its Skype team from the breakthrough in real-time translation. This also a Skype video call between a German participant and Gurdeep Pall of Skype was presented live on stage. Under the supervision of Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of “Re / code” worked the translation but unfortunately only partially useful.

yet early test version

From grammatically and semantically correct Translation is unfortunately still a bit away and quite “magic” as Satya Nadella repeatedly announced that all was not well. But – and this should be mentioned in all clarity – we’re talking about here also yet from an early testing phase. A first beta version will still be available by the end of the year for Windows 8 users

Even if the Skype Translator not quite perfect runs -., He definitely reduced already at this stage of language barriers between people of different backgrounds. Also the fact that the translation arrives via audio and text with the interlocutor, sentences can be understood at least in sections. The rest – those who had the earlier Latin in school will know what I mean – you can usually infer from the context

The Skype Translator likely Skype users soon enjoy using it.. Although the whole thing comes at the cost of the call flow, because the translator starts only after the respective set translate (hence “near real time”). But, after all, a nice piece of technology is upon us

Here is the excerpt from the “Code Conference”.

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