Thursday, May 1, 2014

Groundbreaking for the new technology center – construction practice

The company Lohmann has ushered broke ground to begin construction of the new Technology Center (TEC Center) in Neuwied.

Together with the Lohmann management were numerous guests of honor at this official “Start of construction” present. These include, inter alia, the District Administrator of Neuwied, Rainer Kaul and the mayor of the city of Neuwied, Nicholas Roth. With this major investment of nearly 10 million euros Lohmann will not only strengthen its development and technological expertise, but also increases its competitiveness and sustainable investment in the future. The site is strengthened, secured jobs, and current and future employees created a cutting-edge environment.

demand for innovative solutions is growing

This is the TEC Center a solid foundation for the successful implementation of innovative ideas of the Lohmann “Bonding Engineers”. Because the demand for innovative solutions is increasing. The combination of innovation, expertise and service will be the key factor to help customers even better.

The main objective of this major investment at the company’s headquarters in Neuwied is to unite all the engineering functions under one roof, the activities of the adhesive experts to show in many ways. Here, the architectural design should also reflect the activities as a manufacturer of adhesive systems to the outside. The process of designing was a purposeful creative work, in preparation for the to be developed from “tape-building”. How skilfully this was done, is especially evident in the entrance area of ​​the new building. Because this corresponds to the individual layers of an adhesive tape that protrude like a fan out of the building.

In the new building, whose inauguration is scheduled for 2016, shown Lohmann’s expertise in the manufacture and application of adhesive solutions. This includes product development, technical, application technology, process technology, and the central laboratory. In many of these areas there will be customer-and product-oriented innovations.

Multifunctional coating plant in the TEC Centre

pilot plant, the site for production of adhesives and coating on a small scale , there will be a new multi-functional coating machine. This facility will be for the industry world leader. In the field of application technology to focus even more is planned for the customer. The technical center customized demonstration facilities are provided, as well as a substantial refurbishment of the entire infrastructure for product development.

One aspect that must not be neglected, the ultra-modern office jobs that will be created here. Another goal for the future is the use of Lohmann TEC Center as a representative reception and conference center for customers and visitors. So it may, inter alia, for in-house exhibitions, symposiums and conferences are available and make the joint work on projects to a new level by direct communication. (Jup)

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