Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fuel prices: The great E10-disaster has no end – Business Week

three years after the launch of the Bio Fuel still can not prevail with ten percent ethanol at gas stations. This could motorists refuel hardly effective. Why do not you do it anyway.

To save money, motorists, most drivers are inventive. Full tank is only at certain gas pumps, and when the oil price is correspondingly low. In border regions is also worthwhile ever ride in one of the neighboring European countries. After all, Germany is one of the most expensive EU countries when it comes to fuel prices. In this case, there is an easier way. Who wants to save, should actually E10 fuel the bio-fuel. An example:

Who has fueled this week at a gas station in the Voelklinger street in Dusseldorf, had to pay 1.49 euros per liter for conventional gasoline (E5). For E10 biofuel, it was 1.45 euros. Assuming a 60-liter tank, the difference in price for gasoline is 2.40 euros for one fill-up. This E10 is, after about 2.76 percent less than E5 at this gas station. The price in the example is actually very low. On average E10 price is according to the ADAC just 1.55 euros. E5 is usually four cents more expensive

fuels. – What is …

  • E5

    What is known as gasoline or super in Germany, is in the jargon also referred to as E5. The term refers to the ethanol content in the carburetor fuel, which is mixed. For fuels, the additive

  • E10? ” 11 “>

    E10 is gasoline containing bioethanol content of ten percent. Finally, the fuel was introduced as part of the EEG reform in 2011 to promote renewable resources as fuel.

quite so simple, however, the bill does not go on. After all, who is fueling E10, consumes significantly more fuel. Reason, the proportion of ethanol, is added to the gasoline. At E10 these are not just five, but ten percent. Due to the different density in the fuel, the fuel consumption by an average 1.7 percent increase, expects the Traffic Club Germany (VDC) before.

“In the mean consumption is dependent on the motor at 1.5 percent,” said ADAC fuel market expert Jürgen Albrecht from Munich. “This rich four or even three cents price difference from that E10 for the motorist financially worthwhile.” And also confirmed automotive expert Stefan Bratzel from the Center of Automotive in Bergisch Gladbach: “E10 is definitely cheaper than E5.”

Why E10 costs less

E5 and E10 are similarly prepared. In both there is a so-called fossil petrol, which contains a proportion of five or ten percent bioethanol. The increase of ten per cent is due to the EEG directive (2009). This law stipulates that the rate of biofuels should reduce the consumption of fossil energy. And for more E10 to be sold.

For the implementation of the petroleum industry is responsible. Does not this against this quota, they must accept penalties. And they will typically invest at the E5 price. “The fact that the E5-tanker finance the penalty, is entirely justified. However, the current four cents difference are a little too high. Three cents would be closer to reality, “says Albrecht.

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