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Technology theft: Zenimax sued Oculus – COMPUTER BILD

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From our Author Manuel Bauer, 22/05/2014, 16:11 clock

The next major dispute rocked the game industry: publisher Zenimax accused Oculus VR technology theft

 Oculus Rift: glasses © Oculus VR

Everything just stolen? According Zenimax the Rift makers have stolen the VR technology

Trouble in Virtual Reality warehouse. The makers of the Oculus Rift have in court. The reason: The recently bought up by Facebook manufacturer uses stolen technology to build its cyber goggles. That, at least that publisher Bethesda. The complained several weeks ago about the fact that his former colleague John Carmack had stolen in-house technologies from switching to the Rift creators. Now the parent company is serious by Bethesda Softworks and sued Oculus VR. According to a media report Zenimax specifies the virtual reality specialists would have used proprietary program code, trade secrets and technical knowledge illegally for their own benefit.

detail to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey have targeted befriended in 2012 at a time when the Oculus Rift was still a primitive device without today’s functions with John Carmack to take his help. Carmack had then made with other Zenimax staff and with the aid of in-house hardware components and software, an improved version of the glasses.


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The Luckey was presented in a confidential and vertaglich Safe frame. Nevertheless, Luckey had made his own the technologies shown, the glasses with Zenimax titles such as “Doom 3 – BFG Edition” advertised and so driven by both the development and the dissemination of Oculus Rift crucial. Zenimax CEO Robert Altman said that intellectual property is the foundation of the business. His company can not therefore ignore the violation of patent rights and leave unpunished. Previous attempts to agree on compensation for the work done by Zenimax contribution to the Oculus Rift development had failed.

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