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WWDC 2014: iBeacon technology to a breakthrough? – Maclife.de

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A year ago, Apple introduced at the developer conference in front of the Bluetooth-based wireless micro-positioning. Now devotes the Wall Street Journal the thanks they enjoy as a concept of “ambient intelligence” an extensive view, peppered with expert opinions and views in the future.

Sooner or later the iBeacon beacons are ” be everywhere, “said Steve Cheney is optimistic, the vice president of the startup company projects Estimotes Inc. in Krakow. In cooperation with Virgin Atlantic Airlines, the company equipped from Heathrow Airport iBeacons that indicate Apple’s Passbook-use passengers on additional services such as currency exchange or the clubhouse of the airline. In addition, the boarding pass is invoked directly at the gate.

The persecution of the user by the iBeacons is regarded by many buyers as a security risk, reports the WSJ. The beacon itself to currently have from 5 U.S. dollars, still send mail to only one side of their data. However, within the current to be sparked smartphone apps would be possible to overturn security mechanisms, warns Michael Healender, location specialist and chief of Gisi Indoors

Healander says. “[The technology] is currently in its hype- cycle. “In store stores, museums and field trials as in Heathrow ideas are gesammlt how iBeacons users could continue to send relevant to the smartest way information. Previously a stumbling block is the need of having to download and install the apps in question themselves. Be sent Automation of iBeacons support is required and implemented transparently to the user.

Lastly, in the article, Apple is going to report today on the keynote stage of New iBeacons, may have to introduce new partners. Apple’s intention to build a mobile payment system, is mentioned, but so far can not be linked to iBeacons. The Moscone Center itself had been equipped for the WWDC with iBeacons, and meetings on the topic are available for developers.

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