Friday, June 6, 2014

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: inspection, there is little – Handelsblatt

Berlin More than a third of the energy use in buildings the Germans. Therefore applies to the federal government’s climate policy knowledge: “the needs in this area can be reduced significantly Today’s technology,” says Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment

But in the implementation is lacking.. It’s not just about energy-saving renovation of the facade, new windows or replacing outdated heating systems, on the can the operation of buildings more efficient and thus more cost-effective. But the renovation backlog in air conditioning systems cost a lot of energy. Larger air conditioners, which are used almost exclusively in public and commercial buildings, according to the Energy Saving Ordinance must be reviewed every ten years.

However, only three percent of the plants are examined, as a study by the Institute of Aeronautics and Refrigeration Dresden and the Schiller Engineering from the 2013 shows. “Since there is nothing out that at this terribly low inspection rate changes something”, criticizes Günther Mertz, chief executive of the Federal Industry Association of technical building equipment (BTGa).

“Imagine, there would be only three percent of all registered vehicles inspected by the TÜV,” Mertz told the Handelsblatt. Fortunately, this was not possible in Germany. “It is possible, however, that many thousands of air conditioners are not energetically inspected against regulatory requirements and unrestrained can squander energy.” It is not expensive to modernize the facilities. “The pay for themselves quickly because of saved energy costs,” says Mertz

Also, the German Energy Agency (Dena) sees pent-up demand. Importance of non-residential buildings for energy efficiency will often underestimated, they say. Wrongly, as caused by its size a few buildings high consumption, said Dena boss Stephan Kohler Handelsblatt. Mertz and Kohler request to control the maintenance of the air conditioning amplified. Responsible for this are loud BTGa the states. Savings through regular maintenance also offer great ventilation and heating systems. But you must not yet be checked regularly.

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