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Display glass: Scientists develop technology for shatterproof screens – androidnext

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How scratch resistant and Display Glass robust now also presented a fall on stone or tile floor survive the panels only in the rarest cases. Researchers are working for this reason as before to better, more robust technologies. A team from the University of Akron in Ohio is now a breakthrough successful: A new manufacturing process to enable economic, yet unbreakable displays


Currently applies Corning Gorilla Glass as a reference mark under the display glass manufacturers. The glass protects from scratches quite reliable, indestructible, it is not by far. In addition companies are also working Forschungseinrichtungenan new technologies to produce display glass, including the University of Akron in Ohio. A team based there under the direction of Dr. Yu Zhu has developed an alternative to the classical methods of production.

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Conventional display glass is manufactured with a conductive indium tin oxide coating to produce conductivity – just so the glass is able to be capacitive, so register finger taps and forwarding. Indium tin oxide is commonly though as currently best solution, but is comparatively brittle, etc. which can provide jumps in the display when dropped from tables, out of his pants pocket. The team of Iniversity of Akron is now turning to an alternative preparation, which should not only be less prone to scratches, but overall to be more robust. The new manufacturing an electrode tissue between the individual layers of the glass is drawn, which on the one hand, the conductivity of the panel is retained, but on the other hand makes the indium tin oxide coating unnecessary.

From the mass production one is unfortunately still a good deal removed, Dr. Zhu read but already by sound in a presentation that the material could well provide competition on the display glass market. Whether the problem will be solved so that finally with the cracked screen, still written in the stars – the development sounds promising but

Source: ACS Publications [via Gizmodo, Android Police. ]

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