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German technology in Russia asked –

Germany is in the EU, the largest consumer of oil and gas, but not a major oil and gas producing country. However, the Federal Republic is a major supplier of equipment, which are required for the development of deposits and the production of oil and gas. Clearly you can see this at the 21st World Petroleum Congress, a technical meeting for the oil and gas industry closely associated with it, which is currently being undertaken (16.6.-19.6.2014) in Moscow.

Most of the participants , speakers and exhibitors come from Russia. But oil and gas companies from the United States are strongly represented, in the Ukraine crisis is surprising given the current political tensions between Moscow and Washington. Come many Chinese experts and companies.

equipment from MAN in action

are a German supplier of systems and equipment for oil and gas producers, Volkswagen subsidiary MAN. “All leading companies use in the oil and gas market in the Caspian region equipping MAN, such as compressors and gas turbines,” says Dmitry Mitichuk, Regional Manager of MAN Diesel and Turbo, the DW. You would, for example, in Azerbaijani deposits used, whose gas is to be exported to Europe.

Currently, as Mitichuk, his company performs an order of a subsidiary of the Russian state company Gazprom in the city of Salavat. It is located in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan. “Of course we want to continue the cooperation with the Russian giants,” said the manager of MAN Diesel and Turbo.

Also Linde wants orders from Gazprom

Bernd Holling at the World Petroleum Congress in Moscow (photo: DW)

Bernd Holling: Linde hopes to further orders Russian partner

on orders of Gazprom is also the German company Linde interested., the industrial gases specialist is active on the Russian market since the Soviet era. “We offer innovative technology solutions for the Russian oil and gas industry,” says Bernd Holling of DW, which is at Linde responsible for business development in Russia and the CIS countries.

in the Munich headquarters it is, Gazprom wants to be reinforced with the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) deal. Necessary equipment it could deliver Linde Engineering., the Russian side have already shown interest in the German plants. Details wanted Holling not call, he just said. “We are very hopeful talks”

Wintershall largest German exhibitors

Large oil and gas company, which are directly involved in the development and exploitation of deposits, in Germany there are two: Wintershall and RWE Dea. The energy company RWE has announced in the spring to sell its oil and gas division to the LetterOne group of Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman. However, the Federal Ministry of Economics will consider whether to be hurt by the deal strategic interests of Germany, such as security of supply yet.

Wintershall is a wholly owned subsidiary of chemicals giant BASF. At the Moscow Fair is the Kassel-based company is the largest German exhibitors. Both the Nord Stream pipeline, which runs from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany, as well as the South Stream project, a planned gas pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria, Wintershall partner of Gazprom.

The implementation of South Stream, however, have been stopped. In Brussels, there was doubt as to whether the works in accordance with EU law had been forgiven. The Russian company Gazprom namely controlled 50 percent of the total planned South Stream network, including the entire pipeline in Bulgaria. That violates the so-called third energy package of the EU: A key point here is the need to decouple the production of natural gas from the transport and the supply of consumers, so as not to distort competition

. Technological competence

Rainer Seele, Wintershall (photo: DW)

Rainer Seele: Russia is for Wintershall most important business partner

Russia is for Wintershall, according to the CEO Rainer Seele most important business partner. The company is currently finishing an asset swap with Gazprom. The Russian partner will receive the full control of the joint venture WINGAS, as well as pipelines and underground gas storage facilities in Germany .

In return, the German company to expand its presence in Western Siberia: it will contribute financially and technologically in the construction of two additional locations on sibrischen Urengoy gas field “Money is not alone the ticket.. The also have other. It takes us about technological competence and project management, “says Michael Sasse, Head of Corporate Communications at Wintershall, for DW.

willingness to invest

But money and investments play a major role. At the Moscow Fair said Wintershall Board member Mario Mehren, his company has invested 170 million euros in Russia last year. Again this year will reached approximately the same amount. Overall investments alone in the company Achimgaz subject so far at two billion euros.

Furthermore accepts Wintershall 15 percent of the cost of laying the South Stream pipeline in the Black Sea. The total cost of the project would amount, according to official records, ten billion euros. German Wintershall representatives to participate at the Moscow World Petroleum Congress, are confident that the pipeline project will be implemented despite the current political difficulties.

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