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OpenX renewed SSP concept with industry leading Demand fusion … – OnVista

The new OpenX SSP technology leads to significantly higher revenues for publishers such as YP, TVGuide.com and The New York Observer

OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in digital and mobile display technology, today announced the launch of the next generation of supply platform OpenX SSP (Supply Side Platform) that changed the concept of SSP by Demand Fusion technology from the ground up. OpenX’s groundbreaking new approach represents a significant advance over traditional SSP, through the merger of real-time service development RTB (Real Time Bidding) and network requests in a single auction, causing prices increased and the revenue for the publisher to be maximized. Among the main customers using the newly introduced OpenX SSP belong YP, TVGuide.com and The New York Observer .

Traditional SSP were before the advent of real-time shopping (Real Time-Buying) developed and launched as 2009-2010 RTB, the platforms had to integrate the RTB feature in their network switching technology stacks. Result of this retrofit approach was a fragmentation of demand and thus a deterioration in the revenues of the publisher.

In contrast, the new OpenX SSP was built from the ground up so that all demand sources simultaneously and precisely together, the prices immediately evaluated and the highest offer from the entire RTB range are selected for display network clients to maximize revenue.

Along with the highest revenues in the industry for publishers, the new OpenX SSP multiple layers of security to monitor the display quality for the comprehensive protection of the publisher from unwanted ads and a sophisticated suite of user-specific customizable reports that help publishers to understand performance trends and to gain insights into customers and supply activities and potential returns.

“, together with the wide scope and the strong purchasing power of the target group of YP has helped us the programmatic concept to further develop our digital ad strategy, “said David Lebow, Executive Vice President and manager of Digital Markets Group YP. “The Demand fusion technology is exactly what the digital display industry needed, and it inspires us to be one of the first publishers who use it.”

“TVGuide.com has the most engaged audience in the valuable TV information category, with over 18 million monthly unique viewers, “said Christy Tanner, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at TVGuide.com. “We have enjoyed tremendous audience growth and demand for advertising clients on all platforms. Together with our world-class direct sales the new OpenX SSP platform will help us to maximize the value of our content on, both online and on mobile devices. “

” The task of OpenX has been consistent over the last six years we are there to maximize for digital publishers, advertising revenues, “said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer of OpenX. “We are very excited that, thanks to the introduction of the new reinforced with the demand Fusion technology SSP OpenX achieve a higher level of revenue management technology and thus can help more publishers to grow their business.”

One of the innovative features of the new OpenX SSP include:

Demand Fusion Technology – Demand fusion is a patent-pending technology that RTB and network demand effectively brings together, thereby creating competitive advantages that optimize price strategy and increase the revenue of the publisher. This groundbreaking concept evaluates all price quotes in real time and dynamically selects the winning bid from RTB and the ad network customers in the user’s browser in order to optimize the revenue for each ad.

Advanced Ad Quality Controls – OpenX SSP protects the publisher with a multilevel system to display quality monitoring, which includes an automatic malware protection function. In addition to the automatic functions OpenX offers control features that allow the publisher to enforce brand quality. With these control functions of the Publisher can filter creative ad designers evaluate and block

Robust Reporting and Insights -. An integral part of the new OpenX SSP is a broad suite of user-specific customizable reports, which provides trends and actionable insights to help publishers to evaluate their performance and make informed decisions. Publishers have access to a number of reports that synthesize and extract data from numerous measurements and features, in addition to reports that reflect the total proceeds, customer activities and the supply environment.

More information about OpenX SSP, see : http://openx.com/product/ssp

you can log on the following website at the upcoming OpenX SSP webinar on June 19, 2014 that a product overview and -demonstration provides: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/705790128

About OpenX

OpenX is a global market leader for web and mobile advertising technology. The vision of OpenX is to fully release the economic potential of digital media companies. OpenX provides a comprehensive platform for publishers, one of the first and largest programmatic ad exchange platforms with Demand Fusion offer development technology and a fully-equipped display service. All products are multi screen products, and OpenX offers for app developers also one of the most robust SDK in the industry.

OpenX Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OpenX Software Ltd.. Headquartered in Los Angeles (California, USA) and is supported by well-known investors including Accel Partners, Index Ventures, SAP Ventures and Samsung Venture Investment Corporation. . OpenX is a trademark of OpenX Limited

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