Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ATV technology receives funding from the BMWi – ElektronikPraxis

Together with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) developed the Vaterstettener manufacturer ATV modular function expansions of sintering presses for the processing of highly integrated LTCC multilayers.

The main advantages of the joint project Gabriela called Smooth-Friedl, managing director of ATV, the development of additional market segments in the range of sintering presses for low-temperature multi-layer ceramics as well as securing the future of the product by expanding the technical development. It also observes that the sintering embossing expand as a shaping process the application range of pressure sintering technology and thus increase the customer base for when equipped sintering presses.

Dr.-Ing. Ventzeslav Rangelov, Technical Director of ATV technology, continues: “We have many years of experience in development and construction of high-end process furnaces with high-precision temperature control and excellent temperature uniformity especially for semiconductor and microelectronics.” The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing bring her material and process engineering know-how in development, production and application of ceramic multilayers in the project with a.

“26.827800829876″ Sophisticated Packaging by sintering technology ensures a long lifetime

Power Modules

24.09.09 – was developed as the silver-sintering process in 1994, he was still immature for industrial use. Resourceful engineers have further developed this technology to a new packaging method for power modules and made ready for production. Sintering reached such a high contact resistance between chip and substrate, causing the module life is extended significantly. read … be

goal is to meet the current technical trends cope with the new generation of LTCC sintering presses, while passing by improved design and innovative Measurement and control technology enables the pressure sintering of highly integrated ceramic multilayer (multi-material multi-layer with cavities, ceramic functional layers Lichtleitglasfaser) with zero-shrink process, so Rangelov.

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