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Technology companies as privacy advocates eavesdropping is not worth it – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

not only at the political level and in issues of human rights has been fought at the end of Snowden-year sums up and thinking about the future. In the economy the consequences of Snowden revelations were not a small issue. The Vice President of Symantec Corporation, Cheri McGuire, which is responsible for relations with the governments in the American Group, complained at a discussion on Snowden Anniversary that every time new revelations were leaked, the business overseas upsets. One must now constantly ask the probing questions of customers who inquired about intelligence back doors and demanded the most recently permanent additional contractual safeguards for the confidentiality of the data. This was an entirely new phenomenon.

McGuire speaks for many in their industry. For as Symantec, it is also other American providers, even companies that were not previously mentioned in the Snowden papers. Not without cynicism she added that elsewhere in the world takes place no ordinary intelligence control, but the Americans suffered most under the increasingly critical demands of customers.

The good news is that a little in the future manufacturer is still willing to cooperate show if NSA, GCHQ or the little brother BND knock on the door. The business risk has become immeasurably great and now not only in theory but clearly quantifiable. The collateral damage can be expressed for some industries already in bare numbers: Forrester Research estimates the losses alone among American cloud providers 180 billion dollars in just two years

The company will also need to have their ask. what they do to prevent backdoors are installed without their participation – as in transit to the customer. In May, had John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, so spoke directly to Barack Obama. Not about the usual channels, maintain the business leaders to communicate with highest circles, but in an open letter in the “Financial Times”.

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It calls Obama on it, the NSA finally in the barriers. Chambers had just learn from the newspapers of the new Snowden-revelations that show how the NSA people en masse intercept Cisco packages in the mail, smuggle monitoring technology into their products, and afterwards send to the buggy router to the customer. Although also other companies’ products have been stocked in the NSA spying repacking with implants, however, was emblazoned on one of the photos posted visibly a large Cisco logo. It had only become known figures on the business burglaries at Cisco in November. Between twelve and thirty percent of the international orders were already slumped on the various markets. Chambers warned in no uncertain terms, that the NSA activities would undermine confidence in the American IT industry. He added: “We simply can not function.”

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