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Cancer: Merck Serono relies on new antibody technology – Pharmaceutical Newspaper Online

The biopharmaceutical company Merck Serono plans to expand its oncology division. For this, the subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Merck Darmstadt plans to cooperate with the U.S. company Mersana Therapeutics. Along one wants to develop antibody-drug conjugates of the next generation, Merck Serono says. For this, the company Mersana want to use Fleximer technology. A biodegradable polymer system (Fleximer ® ) is thereby loaded on each appropriate chemical compounds with drug and coupled via a linker to a tumor-specific antibody. The linkers are designed so that they remain stable during circulation in the blood and release the cytostatic drug at the target cell. This is a higher and better controlled drug concentration can be achieved at the tumor, is increasing the risk of side effects decrease.

Benefits of new technologies over conventional immunoconjugates is the ability to transport many different drugs and the dose of drug per antibody to control relatively precisely. A coupling of antibody fragments, or other targeting molecules is possible. The application of the technology was not limited to oncology, Merck Serono announced the Pharmaceutical newspaper with on demand. Other active substances will be transported as targeted. However, it would initially focus on cytostatic conjugates. This could draw upon both their own compound library as well as on the portfolio of Mersana Merck Serono. Mersana already has three preparations licensed. Auristatin The derivative Dolaflexin TM , the vindesine derivative Vindeflexin TM and the tubulysin derivative Cytoflexin TM

Merck Serono is providing monoclonal antibodies and be responsible for the clinical development and commercialization of all products. For Mersana receive an upfront payment as well as performance-related milestone payments and royalties on worldwide net sales. (Db)


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