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“Böblingen (ots) – The inkjet-based HP Page Wide Technology is now … – Ad-Hoc-News (press release)

Böblingen (ots) – The inkjet-based HP Page Wide technology is now being used for large-format printer and enables an even faster and cheaper, high quality printing. From the second half of 2015, the first HP Page Wide Format Printers

HP are expected to be available also expands the current large-format portfolio with new solutions that have been developed specifically for the requirements of high-volume, commercial print jobs. The HP Designjet T3500 Printer Production eMultifunction (eMFP) is the most productive large format MFP in its class. (1) The printer is suitable for use in the company, a simple IT management as well as high safety standards are important for the. The software program HP Designjet SmartStream optimizes the entire printing workflow. The new HP solutions are capable of the volume and the different printing needs of businesses, in-house printing, architecture and engineering firms, construction companies and design agencies to fulfill as well as that of authorities, quick printers and small to medium repro companies.

Faster production process with the HP Page Wide Technology

The innovative technology Wide Page prints with more than 200,000 nozzles which are mounted on a fixed, over the entire width of the page reaching pressure beam. The entire page is printed in one pass, which speeds up the production process. This provides users with the ability to produce a variety of printed copies in color or black and white, such as drawings, maps and posters. The HP Page Wide Technology is the production printing market, which has a value of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars change, because currently there are monochrome LED printer is the default. (2)

“Our customers are constantly looking for cost-effective and reliable printing technologies that can provide them with improvements,” said Roland Farian, Head of Large Format Design, HP Germany. “The new HP Page Wide technology for large format printing is distributed in the professional printing market the cards because the customer now an affordable alternative for high-quality prints are offered in large numbers., The fact that, in this industry, in the mostly still is printed in monochrome now color prints are suddenly possible and without compromising on speed, will effect lasting change. “

Pioneering innovation in ink-jet printing

For more than 30 years, HP has held a leading position in the inkjet market, because the company consistently at the Research and Development invested printheads and inks. Building on the success HP Page Wide technology in industrial production and the use of small business, HP offers its enterprise customers now also reliable and economical solutions for creating high-quality large format prints, and with high speed.

is decisive for the output quality of ink jet printing is the stability of the ink formulation, in combination with the precise placement of the droplets and the geometry of the print head. The HP Page Wide printhead has thousands of identical droplet generators that ensure an absolutely same amount of ink, speed and orientation. The result is a precise expression. The technology also regulates the speed of the original HP pigmented inks and their penetration into the paper. This will speed up the drying, controls the point size and also controls the spread and progression of colors for best print results.

Together with the HP Thermal Inkjet technology and HP pigment inks reduces the new HP Page Wide technology for large format printers, the Cost per page. In addition, the technology for more flexibility

Current large-format solutions, no warm-up time ensures, as for graphically rich applications also inexpensive photo paper can be used., Quality and productivity offer the compact 36 inch / A0 + HP Designjet T3500 Production eMFP needed and offers an ultra-fast processor as well as a highly productive scanner. This allows users to scan a number of pages and the creation of multi-page PDFs. He can also send scans directly to e-mail addresses. The product can be without supervision operate cost-effectively and produces monochrome prints for the same cost per page as a LED MFP. (3) is the printer with a self-encrypting For jobs with high security requirements hard disk, a secure disk wiping and access control function equipped.

The HP Designjet SmartStream software makes print management more efficient by optimizing the workflow in demanding print environments. It offers PDF management and makes using the HP Crystal Preview technology for precise, error-free prints. In addition, it can reduce the preparation time by up to 50 percent for multi-page print jobs. (4)

For the IT manager has also a brand new HP Designjet HP Universal Print Driver presented. Thus, the entire HP Designjet fleet of a company over a single standardized Manage Drivers. This reduces the time and cost required for testing and deployment, and ensures that the software in all HP Designjet printers is always up to date.

With optional hardware accessories and software tools such as the new HP the customer can Designjet HD Scanner Pro, forklifts and Online butterfly efficiency further increase.

Prices and availability (5)

– Page HP Wide Large format printers are expected to be available in the second half of 2015. – The HP Designjet T3500 Printer Production Production eMFP is now available at an RRP including VAT and UGH from 11,500 euros available. – The HP Designjet SmartStream pre-flight managers and controllers are expected to be available from 30 June. Prices will be announced at a later date.

For more information on the latest products of the HP Designjet portfolio is available in an online press kit. These can be found on and / go / designjet. Videos and updates on the new products are available on the “HP for Designers” Facebook page, the “Graphic Arts” YouTube channel and on Twitter at @ hpgraphicarts.

Images of the HP Designjet T3500, see here:

About HP

HP creates new possibilities for a meaningful impact of technology on people, businesses , governments and society. With an extremely broad technology base that spans printing, personal computers, software, Services and span IT infrastructure solutions, the company offers its clients in all regions of the world solutions for the most complex challenges. More information about HP (NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ) and its products, please visit / de

(1) Compared to large-format color MFP $ <. / strong> 25,000. Based on the fastest color print speeds according to the manufacturer (as of January 2014). The test methods may differ. (2) Figures are based on internal HP data. (3) Compared to large-format LED printers with low volume and a print speed of up to 7 Arch D pages per minute. (4), based on both an internal HP test, in which the time was measured that was required to extract individual pages of a 50-page document and print them on different printers, as compared to the use of corresponding software products. (5) Rates and availability differ from country to country and from subject to change

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