Friday, June 6, 2014

Kai Hillebrandt: “Football is good for our business well” – Business Week

Also because of the World Cup in Brazil will consumers spend more money on television, says Samsung Manager Kai Hillebrandt in the interview. The business of football World Cup.

Business Week Online: You already forward to the World Cup Kai Hillebrandt. Of course, I’ll watch the games

What’s your tip: Who will be World Champion

I think, especially with regard to the development of the country that Brazil will win the World Cup. It would be the team to indulge in any case.

What influence has the major event on the TV business?

Especially football our business is doing well. Olympic Games since have significantly lower effect. Summer Olympic Games bring us a little bit more than Olympic Winter Games, as we almost never notice anything. But football – no matter whether a World Cup or a European Championship – to

always acts very strongly from Can you quantify

In the months.? in which there is a major football event, the market has a seasonality of at least six and a half percent. Generally it is increased over the weeks to eight and a half to nine percent. The statistics show the past 20 years.

exceeds even the Christmas sales?

No, the the strongest months of December and January remain, with 13 or eleven percent sell-out volume. When you come over the eight percent, then that’s a very, very good value.

What was that at the 2006 World Cup for a summer month? Documents the numbers at the Games in Germany even higher?

Yes, but that has to do with the fact that at that time the market of CRT TVs could grow even more strongly on flat screens. This dynamic growth in the market we have not at the moment. However, consumers will spend more this year than if it were not for the big event World Cup in Brazil. Of this we are firmly.

But it shows, however, that innovation for a boom in the market are important.

Definitely. While not necessarily the quantity, but in quality. Innovations provide but that equipment be purchased with a higher quality equipment generally. Customers are therefore more willing to pay more money for a product.

What products do you want to score points with consumers this year?

We particularly want to show off with our UHD and Curved devices. UHD has four times the resolution of traditional Full-HD devices, which we will also continue to offer. Furthermore, there is our Curved devices, ie curved models, and in both UHD and in full HD. This large selection is exciting, but also almost a luxury problem, because the variety of options can be confusing for the customer. Therefore, we rely on our partners in the retail, should advise the consumer that for him the most suitable device.

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