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The Klaxons philosophy: music between technology, nature, space and time –

When talking about the Klaxons, then usually falls and the music genre term “Nu Rave” with the genre of music they are brought into connection until today. Also we wrote in our recent review of the new album LOVE FREQUENCY, that the British have known with their new album to “temporarily ostracized Nu Rave”. But for the band, the plate seems to be much more than just a new “Nu-Rave” plate. In our interview James Righton sees in music, however, things from many genres gathered, all inspired by space, time, technology, and above all . things of nature

stereotyped thinking

In an interview with Music Express Righton into perspective the idea of ​​categorizing their music: “I do not think that it is our task is our music to define. Yet meet for me in the music meet a variety of interests. We are neither a pop, indie, dance, house or psychedelic band. If, then, we are called by all the things a bit. “ on their own plate had managed to interpret them for the first time dance music in their own point of view: ” Before, we were boys, the dance music liked and liked it with this music even a little success to have . Now we have our own style, which allows us now to write contemporary dance music. “ In advance of the release of the new disc Jamie Reynolds had said in the interview that the plate of the present RELATES and “a very emotional, honest album about the technological and personal development” is. And even in our conversation is essentially about technological and personal progress as well as living in a digital world.

nature for their livelihoods

However, it is far of the whole technological progress nature, holds the world together by Jamie Reynolds: The Song, Children Of The Sun ‘is the fact that every living being depends on the planet from the sun. “It is the merit of nature that we can live on this planet. The sun is the livelihood of our lives, which ensures that we can make plans and gives us energy. It is about the connection between us and nature and what it does to us and the planet. “ The influence of nature is disappearing in the last decades, however, due to growing technological progress. To describe songs like “New Reality” this progress, which is quite essential for the sound. “The electronics and their equipment such as greater use of synthesizers, was in some ways even a wish.” , however, sees the band, the new album by the way of the LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy and Tom Rowlands of Chemical Brothers was produced.

technology and time

So says Simon Taylor-Davis to the question of what they mean by one of their song title called “There Is No Other Time”: “ I do not think I want to live in a different time, despite the negative consequences of technologisation. For me there are two types, the term time to define ‘. On one hand I mean the personal inner clock, when it comes to that you caught the right moment to tell someone, for example, that you love him or other things at the right time doing the right place. And then there’s a second technical time definition that is mapped on iPhones or digital watches. One must be sure that the personal sense of time, given the fact that you can look at every street corner, what time it is, is not lost. “


The fear that machines eventually take over all the work of the people – Make Jamie Reynolds already face “We also use a lot of social media portals such as Facebook or Twitter, but still it is very scary that more and more jobs are replaced by working through computer and other machines. But on the other hand, means all the technology is also a liberation from the constraints of nature, which allows people to be able to plan better. “The band is agreed that in some industry sectors social interaction is possible only by computer, but would at some point the time has come where there is a longing after face-to-face conversations.

The problem sees the band in the fact that one can hardly separate the working world of privacy. So James Righton says at the end of our conversation: “You can not deprive yourself of the time. You can work 24 hours, making phone calls, or surfing on Facebook. But when people come home from work does not mean that, to have that they actually stopped. Because today you can access constantly emails you to call or write someone on Facebook. The only way to get and not be at least for a short time depending on the technology is put away his phone and computer to go into nature and find out the sunrise and watch sunset.

Who now will still attend to the various social networking sites Klaxons, can find their official Facebook homepage.

The album LOVE FREQUENCY appeared on 13 June 2014.

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