Friday, June 27, 2014

Shoes predestined as carriers of wearable technology –

A SmartWatch perhaps can not convince each user of shoes, you will pass barely over, Nike hopes and integrated gyroscope and acceleration sensor in the sole.

When Google-I/O-Konferenz Smart Watches were one of the highlights. They should facilitate the operation of the smartphone and bundle the essential information on the wrist. They should also be an essential part of health applications from a number of manufacturers have been proclaimed one of the trends of the future. But not a few smartphone users frown at all the watches euphoria forehead, they have the clock but why was filed because all the necessary information – including the time – are served on the smartphone display that lies always handy in your pocket. Classic watches on the other hand carrier does not want to know their favorite model replaced by a SmartWatch or even a smart Braclet, a smart bracelet, you may disagree about their visual appearance quite.

It is for this reason sees Shen Chun- te, chief developer of Compal, shoes as the actual carrier for the electronic sensors that make up the so-called wearables. Besides the usual suspects like Apple, Google and the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi mainly Nike is considered active developer in this area. The athletic shoe manufacturer has specially opened to a development center in Taiwan, will be integrated into the gyroscopes and accelerometers in the shoes. There you can not only capture a variety of (health) data of the user, but also monitor its movements. In this way, the shoe should also prevent imminent injury, by issuing a warning about for hazardous movements.

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