Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Richard Jones: “aircraft hold the world go round” – Handelsblatt

Which invention has brought the world’s largest sustainability?
Most people will agree that the most sustainable development in the human history was the introduction of agriculture. This fundamental shift away from a nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life has a way of life allows, which we now take for granted. The energy that was previously spent on the procurement, storage and preparation of food, could now be used for other purposes and people started settling down to be. But

Something modern seen the aircraft is high on my list of inventions that keep the world turning. How do we communicate with each other, share things and enjoy each other personally, was changed by the air traffic in an incomparable degree. When it comes to learning about each other, the aviation makes all the difference -. Culturally, but also business seen

allow us also to see our world from the third dimension, ie from on high. The result is a deep awe of the magnificence of our earth and some mixed feelings about how we have changed for our purposes. Without aircraft we could not see our impact on this planet. I believe that feedback is important to reiterate in society again and again that we need to find the best solution if we want to keep this fragile planet as our cozy home. Of course, I’m biased here something – I’m a pilot since I was seventeen years old and love to fly still

Who do you think is the greatest visionary <.? br /> Throughout history there have been on virtually all areas of technology, finance, leadership, research, communications, theology, and so on great thinkers. These are all valuable in their own way, and select only one, would mean that I ask of a person’s contribution to an area on the work of another person in a different field. I think our world has too many variables to be governed by only a single equation or a single “visionary”.

However, if we look at the present and how we respond to our many develop further levels, response is different: I do not think there is a single, great visionary of the present, but many who look forward, who dare to create something new, to combine and to dream – and each other and respect our earth and are actively working to make this a better place for us all. Our future is shaped by our collective visions. So I will not name any great visionary of our time, but rather say: “Look around you.” Either way we create our future together.

When you have the best ideas?
Although I work in the field of Predictive Analytics, I can not predict when or where my ” Aha! “will take place. Some people say that they have the best ideas come in certain activities, but for me there is no specific time points, activities or places for that. Thinking is a continuous process that does not start on a specific keyword or signal. I think mostly about many things for – and when I least expect it, solve a few words from a book, a movie or a conversation a new idea, a new concept, a new problem-solving method or a suggestion for something new. This aspect of our brain is incredibly

There is a very simple reason why many of my new ideas to grow and become useful. Hard work and time. To solve problems and to create something new requires discipline and persistence, no matter what the situation. And if someone holds so clever for yet because there is simply no shortcut.

Great to have new ideas, but is only a very small part of innovation – an idea is only as good as its implementation. To create something new and useful, always requires a change in behavior, and that is hard for many people is not easy. In every industry, a lot of communication is required with people at all levels to bring a new idea through the process of product development. Without such an in-depth, shared understanding and commitment is very difficult to get people interested in the creation of something new and to get this interest also upright. It is important that greater integration teams take care innovations that fan the communication aspect of product development and of course sales contrast and positive.

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