Friday, June 20, 2014

Innovations: scent sent as a file across the Atlantic – Business Week

by Meike Lorenzen

to transform odors in and sending data via email, has long been a desire of science. Well first make apps and gadgets the venture possible.

Wrapped has a Harvard professor David Edwards in his office in New York, “American Museum of Natural History” expected an email from Paris on Tuesday. It contained in the appendix a very special document – the scent of champagne and macarons from Paris. What sounds crazy, actually happened.

Our primary focus was the technology of oNote, developed by the French company Le Laboratoire. Supposed to work easily. Just “take a picture” your shot. In retrospect, can be to the photo then assign different flavors at your fingertips. To make it easy for the user, each odor is given a different color, then just on the Fioto “tagged” is. So as if to mark a person on Facebook

There are eight different flavors -. Grilled bread from the (yellow) to the smell of walnut (light brown). The elements can be as varied combine that total up to 300,000 odors.

The smell that is at the end in New York is unmistakable have smelled of chocolate, but also a little musty. The champagne scent, however, is rather gone down, according to a press report.

“Especially when three or more different smells come together, it can still be problems when sending,” says David Edwards. He has developed the device, which can be the smell of files OSNAP again decode. Only with the smartphone does not yet have the technology. This is currently still needs to be coupled with another gadget that the smell then releases again. The small white column is provided with a button that releases the combined flavors.

users who want to try oNotes today, thus have a problem. The English App can indeed invite for iOS devices easily from the App Store. To play the smells but you need the column described.

Especially museums are interested in the new technology, but it offers completely new possibilities, exhibitions to more tangible making. According to a public hotspot to play the odors directed the “American Museum of Natural History” in New York on July 12, the first time a. In addition, the users then shown exactly how to flavors ever put together meaningful. Here, experts support such as a chocolatier. Also in Paris and Cambridge similar events are offered.

already shows that the users are very creative in dealing with the app. You store not only food photos with odors. Even beaches and gardens are provided with flavors.

One day, the fragrant images are may even be shared via Facebook and Twitter, hope the developers. Currently, the technology is still at the development. Financial support will inter alia by individuals on the crowdfunding platform Indigogo.

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