Sunday, June 8, 2014

Technology for collision avoidance: supplier TRW shows … – Auto Motor und Sport

To avoid collisions, is to hold in future cars a new assistance system tray. Supplier TRW Automotive has now first tested this technique in a prototype

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the Brake Assist has been around a system road tracking also. Thus, future happen even less collisions on the road, to assist the driver a Notausweichassistent. Such has now presented TRW Automotive. Emergency Steering Assist (ESA) is called the system of the automotive supplier. “After the adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency brake, the ESA feature is the next step in the collision avoidance,” according to a company press release.

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dipped suddenly another vehicle on the road, computes the Notausweichassistent how this may be safest to avoid. A abbie lowing from a side street car would be a case in which the ESA could intervene.

The system helps the driver to dodge with the optimum steering movement and simultaneously stabilizes the vehicle. However, the wizard does not work fully autonomously. “We have our Notausweichassistenten designed so that the driver at all times retains control and can override the system,” explains Dr. Carsten hatred of TRW.

Technical basics of Notausweichassistenten are radar and camera sensors and an interface for electric power steering. TRW Automotive developed the system together with the TU Dortmund and assumes the ESA technology in 2018 to bring to the market for production cars.

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