Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Intel fascinated with “Dual View” technology for the car – Handelsblatt

With a new platform for information and entertainment Intel wants to drive the car of the future. The proposed technical solution on Thursday named Kendrick Peak (named after a mountain in Arizona) combines hardware and software and can be adjusted by auto manufacturers to their own needs. The first vehicles with this system could possibly come later this year on the market, said Intel spokesman Thomas Kaminski news agency dpa. An essential part of the development for the new platform found in the Intel center in Karlsruhe, one of the world’s three research centers of the company for digital solutions in the car.

core of the system is placed in the boot of the computer. Multiple screens can display different content, such as navigation information to the driver, an internet access for the passenger and videos for other inmates. Heart of the computer is an embedded Atom processor from Intel (codenamed Baytrail) with up to four cores, which is designed for temperatures from minus 50 to plus 60 degrees. Driver and front passenger can look back on a monitor in the center of the vehicle console, the “dual-view” technique depending on the viewing angle displays different content.

“The platform does not compete with suppliers, their offers can be docked to Kendrick Peak,” said Intel spokesman Florian Ranner at a preliminary presentation in Munich. “It requires a joint effort of IT industry, automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers to bring the rate of development in consumer electronics, but also in the car.” Intel expects that the digital technology for the car soon progressing in similarly short cycles such as the smartphone with its system changes every one to two years.

Kendrick Peak as a platform for the “In-Vehicle Infotainment” (IVI) is part of a long-term strategy of Intel, like the Google car aspires autonomous driving, ie driving a car without its own taxes. Next step is a solution with integrated server connectivity for real-time analysis of vehicle data. “The goal is that cars talk to each other so that they keep an optimal distance and jams can be avoided,” Kaminski said. “This is a contribution to improving road safety.”

In the processor integrated technology for encryption and anonymization to protect the personal data. For security solutions for the traffic in the “Internet of Things” Intel is working with the U.S. company Wind River. On the question of a back door for the U.S. NSA Ranner replied: “There is no backdoor in our processors.”

The viedo for digital in-car systems explored Intel since 2012 in a development center in Karlsruhe, where over three floors more than 100 employees. Among the automakers, with which Intel works here, including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia and Hyundai. Kendrick Peak can (including the Linux system Tizen), Android and Windows are used according to the company with different operating systems such as Linux. Even Apple has announced an operating system for use in the car in March.

The market research firm IHS Automotive expects the market for infotainment systems in the car with almost 130 million systems sold in 2020 will be as great as the PC market in 1999. Division develops the processor manufacturers also ARM, Texas Instruments (TI) or Infineon special solutions for the car.

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Source: dpa-AFX / HSBC Trinkaus

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